Model Engineer - 22 December 2017

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Model Engineer - 22 December 2017

Model Engineer - 22 December 2017
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Julie Williams takes us on a conducted tour around the Lowestoft Model Exhibition (‘LOWMEX’) which appears to cover a rather wider range of models than the usual exhibition.
Peter Targett adapts his recently published dynamometer design to make a weighbridge for weighing locomotive axles.
Martin Gearing begins his series on the Model Engineer Vertical Boiler by giving us an overview of what is to come.
Chris Gunn machines the decorative ring that forms part of his six inch scale Garrett 4CD tractor flywheel.
Ramon Wilson completes the boiler for Wide-A-Wake and goes on to construct the gas tank.
Your acting editor visits his local ‘Christmas Fayre’ and finds enough there to lure most model engineers out of their ‘man caves’.
Ashley Best turns his attention to the windows and doors of his Bolton Corporation tram.
DAG Brown spends the day in a faraway field in rural Rutland and reports on the ploughing competition taking place there.
Bob Reeve makes good use of his CNC mill to produce the bearing supports for Wally.
Our cover picture features Barry and Sue Lain’s ‘steam dog’, which featured in the steam punk room at the Lowestoft Model Exhibition.

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