Outlook - July 01, 2018

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Outlook - July 01, 2018

Outlook - July 01, 2018
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10 Document Citizen Who
If all goes as planned, the much-awaited final draft of the National Citizen’s
Register of Assam will be released on June 30.
12 Panic In The Children’s Ward
Outlook’s array of reports on the state of child healthcare in several states throws open the
larger picture
after the Gorakhpur children deaths last year caused widespread uneasiness
28 Collapse By Design
Just when it looked like they were nearing a round of talks, a bolt from the lotus. Where
does the BJP’s decision to dismantle the alliance with PDP leave Kashmir’s politics?
40 A Good Year?
Mapping and evaluating the tax landscape one year after the GST was rolled out
54 Being Dutt
Playing Sanjay Dutt for the camera has, admittedly, been his most challenging task as an
actor yet. An exclusive interview with the quietly charismatic Ranbir Kapoor.

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