Table Saw Essentials 2008

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Table Saw Essentials 2008

Table Saw Essentials 2008 (Woodsmith Special Edition)
English | True PDF | 100 pages | 43 MB

The table saw is probably the first major power tool that most woodworkers purchase — and for good reason. It probably gets used on more projects than any other tool in the shop. So when you consider how versatile a tool the table saw is, it’s really kind of surprising that most of them don’t come with better instructions.
That’s where this book comes in. Inside, you’ll find information to help you unlock the potential of your table saw — starting with how to set it up and keep it tuned for consistently accurate cuts. From there, we’ll move on to basic crosscuts, rip cuts, and a wide range of joinery. Then you’ll learn about some great shop-made accessories and after-market upgrades designed to really boost your saw’s performance.
Finally, don’t miss out on all the online bonus material (see page 99 for more).
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