Alex Puddu - In The Eye Of The Cat (2016)

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Alex Puddu - In The Eye Of The Cat (2016)

Alex Puddu - In The Eye Of The Cat (2016)
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Genre: jazz

In The Eye Of The Cat is the 2016 by drummer Alex Puddu. Birthed as Alessandro Puddu, this album was released more in vein of cinematic Italiano, yes.
The title of this damn fine album is a reference to the Italian giallo film genre of the 1960s and 70s. These lurid murder mysteries/thrillers, featuring black gloved killers lurking in the dark, gorgeous young ladies being chased and artistic displays of blood and cruelty, usually had horrifying and imaginative film titles, in many cases with words as eye(s), black, blood, death, killer and the name of an animal of some sort thrown in the mix. A nice homage to giallo maestro Dario Argento from fellow Roman Alex Puddu.

1. Danza delle ombre In Algeria (5:11)
2. Emerald (3:09)
3. Il Sogno La Luna (4:09)
4. Immersioni (4:45)
5. The City Of Gold (2:38)
6. The Bull (3:02)
7. Mood Psychedelico (4:42)
8. Magic Mountain (2:49)
9. In The Eye Of The Cat (2:41)
10. Una Donna allo Specchio (3:34)
11. Terra e Fuoco (3:59)