Syrius - Devil's Masquerade (1972) (1993 Gong) **[RE-UP]**

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Syrius - Devil's Masquerade (1972) (1993 Gong) **[RE-UP]**

Syrius - Devil's Masquerade (1972) (1993 Gong)
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Genre: progressive rock, fusion rock, classic rock

Devil's Masquerade (Az Ördög Álarcosbálja) is the 1972 album by Hungarian prog rock band Syrius. This is taken from the 1993 CD pressing.
Excellent underrated 5-piece progressive jazz/symph band which is equal to many of the classics from Italy and England in 1972. Syrius would eventually disband and some of their members living in Australia from Hungary. I only have Devil's Masquerade which an excellent nostalgic album from the glory days of prog. Musically it blends scenes from old Chicago (ala Terry Kath vocals), Soft Machine (ie, Syrius has a great saxophonist), Egg (sometimes using an organ similar to that of David Stewart), etc. Devil's Masquerade is unimpressive at first but this album (if you give it a chance) may grow on you in a big way. It did for me and is in the upper half of my favorite albums from 1972.

1. Concerto For A Three-Stringed Violin And Five Mugs Of Beer (Koncert Háromhúros Hegedure És Öt Korsó Sörre) 2:38
2. Crooked Man (Hitvány Ember) 6:55
3. I’ve Been This Down Before (Voltam Már Azelott…) 4:27
4. Devil’s Masquerade (Az Ördög Álarcosbálja) 5:34
5. Psychomania (Psychomania) 5:44
6. Observations Of An Honest Man (Egy Becsületes Ember Észrevételei) 1:46
7. In The Bosom Of A Shout (Egy Kiáltás Méhében) 8:53

Syrius - Devil's Masquerade (1972) (1993 Gong) **[RE-UP]**