Beck - Deadweight (UK CD5) (1997) {Geffen} **[RE-UP]**

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Beck - Deadweight (UK CD5) (1997) {Geffen} **[RE-UP]**

Beck - Deadweight (UK CD5) (1997) {Geffen}
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Genre: alternative, bossa nova, Americana, acoustic, country

Deadweight is the 1997 single by Beck Hansen, known under the mononym Beck. It features the hit song plus two non-LP tracks. The song is taken from the soundtrack to A Life Less Ordinary. Geffen funded the checks.
With the success of Odelay to look at, Beck was now asked to do music for films. "Deadweight" is a song taken from the Odelay recording sessions, and would be a brief pit stop between the Odelay experience and the forthcoming Mutations.

Maybe a coincidence, but the instrumental the Dust Brothers created for "Deadweight" sounds a lot like what would end up on Sukia's Contacto Espacial con el Tercer Sexo.

Beck - Deadweight (UK CD5) (1997) {Geffen} **[RE-UP]**

1. Deadweight (Edit)
Beck Hansen-vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drum machine, keyboards
Produced by Beck Hansen/Dust Brothers

2. Erase The Sun
Joey Waronker-drums
Beck Hansen-vocals, guitar, bass, piano, harmonica, synthesizer

Produced by Mario C./Beck Hansen
Recorded May 1995 At G-Son Studios

3. SA-5
Beck Hansen-vocals, drum machine, guitar

Track 1 taken from the Original Soundtrack album, A Life Less Ordinary

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Beck - Deadweight (UK CD5) (1997) {Geffen} **[RE-UP]**