Alexei Lubimov - Dedication: Silvestrov, Suslin, Martynov, Karmanov, Ustvolskaya (2004)

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Alexei Lubimov - Dedication: Silvestrov, Suslin, Martynov, Karmanov, Ustvolskaya (2004)

Alexei Lubimov - Dedication: Silvestrov, Suslin, Martynov, Karmanov, Ustvolskaya (2004)
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Classical, Contemporary | Label: SoLyd Records | # SLR 0361 | Time: 01:12:29

On this compact disc Alexei Lubimov performs compositions for piano and for harpsichord by Silvestrov, Suslin, Martynov, Karmanov and Ustvolskaya, which were dedicated to him.

How diverse this music is!

And how diverse are these composers!

And still - "from all the windows of the tower", from all the sides "of the musical courtyard" all of them in diverse voices hail with their compositions one happy, kind, smiling man with a beard and with glasses - Alexei Lubimov.

When a composer dedicates a piece to a performer, this is not merely a token of gratitude for the premiere. Very often, this is a sign of an inner creative unity, sometimes being a mental transmutation into the performer’s self, which frequently aids the process of composition, makes it easier and quicker.

And transmuting oneself into Alexei Lubimov is always pleasant and interesting. Because he himself, being a pianist, transmuted into very diverse composers, manifesting an unusual, not only for that time, broadness of perspective and inquisitive keenness in his search of new composers to perform. The risk Involved in the performance of forbidden and half-forbidden composers, in the search for interesting ideas of the forgotten or halfforgotten composers of the past, the present (and, I daresay, the future!), the expansion of the boundaries of music within time, in the aesthetical domain, the stylistic, the geographic, the culturological - these are the composite parts of Lubimov’s creed, back from his Moscow Conservatory days, where he began studies as a pupil of the esteemed Genrikh Gustavovich Neuhaus, and completed them as a pupil of Lev Nikolayevich Naumov. Even while being a student, Alexei did not limit his performances to a great amount of music by Bach and Mozart. His permanent repertoire included the works of Ives, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Schoenberg, Webern, Cage, Stockhausen and numerous others.

It was already back then that Alexei Lubimov had established friendly contacts with many contemporary composers. It was both a musical and a human type of friendship. Herein lies the answer, why Is it is so pleasant to compose music upon his request. Alexei Lubimov believes in the composer - he believes in the fact that the latter will evoke something new, important and interesting out of non-existence into the world of music. And that is exactly what happens, since the composer also gains faith in himself, encouraged by the enthusiasm of the performer. Alexei plays many concerts, frequently and in different countries, and he plays wonderfully! It even seems at times, when you hear him performing some little known piano composition from the XVIII, XIX or XX century, that it had been dedicated especially to him. The composer’s naturalness, ease and logic of the development of thought are revealed to us In the most various “worlds" of music, as well as on different instruments (organs, harpsichords and old types of piano), on the various poles of art!

What Is also fascinating is the human type of openness and ease of contact of the musician. Alexei is always eager to provide assistance and support. It is amazing - how many festivals he had organized! (We could begin by remembering the "Alternativa" festival, which began with the triumphant three-day musival feast on June 14-16,1988 at the Glinka Musical Museum, compiled and directed entirely by Alexei…) Here art passes freely onto human communication, the ethical and aesthetical come close to each other and merge with one another. This “friendly aura”, the feeling of the highest standards of musicianship, intertwined with an enjoyable way of spending time - all of this is very typical of Alexei. Let us remember the “Musicians Joking" New Year concerts, the concert of John Cage’s music at the Conservatory, or the immortal bird costume, in which Alexei had performed "The Singing of Birds" by Denisov… But it is impossible to recount everything…

And so, when entering into the sphere of Alexei Lubimov, each composer becomes involved in the manifold spectra of events, present within it.

The person who stands in the center of the "musical milieu" is a good natured and kind man with big hands, whereas around him is not a tower but a flowery meadow. Within it you could find daisies, cornflowers, milfoil, cow-wheat and rose-bay. While on the meadow, covered with flowers, as if on a rug, you could find Chopin waling around together with Karmanov, Suslin talking with Mozart, Silvestrov bowing to Debussy, Cage making way to Ustvolskaya, while Bach merrily winks at Martynov. All of them have been invited by our Alexei Borisovich Lubimov to walk around in the meadow of his country house.

Isn’t this a real miracle?

Ivan Sokolov, 4 September 2004 (Liner notes)

Alexei Lubimov - Dedication: Silvestrov, Suslin, Martynov, Karmanov, Ustvolskaya (2004)


Valentin Silvestrov (b. 1937)
1. Sonata #2, For Piano (15:40)
Piano – Alexei Lubimov

Vladimir Martynov (b. 1946)
2. Autumn Song (11:03)
For Harpsichord And Tape
Harpsichord – Alexei Lubimov

Viktor Suslin (1942-2012)
3. Mitternachtsmusik (Midnight Music) (16:49)
For Violin, Harpsichord (With Live Electronics) And Double Bass
Harpsichord – Alexei Lubimov
Violin – Tatiana Grindenko
Double Bass – Alexander Suslin

Pavel Karmanov (b. 1970)
4. Different … Rains (11:37)
For Flute, Piano And Tape
Piano – Alexei Lubimov
Flute – Olga Ivusheikova

Galina Ustvolskaya (1919-2006)
5. Concert For Piano, String Orchestra And Timpani (17:21)
Piano – Alexei Lubimov
Conductor – Heinrich Schiff
Orchestra – Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen

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Alexei Lubimov - Dedication: Silvestrov, Suslin, Martynov, Karmanov, Ustvolskaya (2004)