Ange - 70's/80's: 2 Décennies de Concerts (2003)

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Ange - 70's/80's: 2 Décennies de Concerts (2003)

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DVD9: NTSC 4:3 (720x480), 29.97 fps, 7000 kbps | AC3, 48 kHz, stereo, 224 kbps
Progressive Rock | Musea, FGBG 9013 | Scans | ~ 7.81 Gb

Another DVD of Ange from Musea, but this time more inclined towards the older fans of the band. Indeed as the title suggests this deal with the glorious 70's "concerts" (two of them) and the more "iffy" 80's performances. As you'd expect with such a wide time lapse, there is a vast variety of line-ups, with the only common players the Descamps brothers.

The first part is a TV special broadcast where the group presents the majority of Fils Du Mandrin concept in its entirety with a few parts enacted, notably the mellotron-dominated Aisi S'En Ira La Pluie and the mainly acoustic Autour Du Feu. The rendition does not look or sound like playback, but the performance is a bit deceiving, because the sound is a little thin. Overall this made-for-TV footage helps bringing to life the Mandrin concept, but it would've been even bettered if they'd done the in-between intros that you find on the Millésimé 77 Live album (on Musea as well).. The second 70's bit a Paris 77 concert, starting out on the now-oldie Soir Du Diable (from their debut Caricatures), almost a one- man show from Christian, but definitely a crowd pleaser. Two Jacotey tracks follow up before Fils De Lumière and Au Delà Du Délire (both from the Délire album) and a short version of Les Noces from Jacotey. This is definitely the best of the three footage available on this DVD, but unfortunately it's also the shortest.

The third part is their 80's is preceded by a short before the tour reportage and is also a Paris concert, but this time from 85 in promotion for the Fou album. Obviously quite a different era, Ange is trying (did not say succeed) to remain itself while modernizing its image and sounds. This document has been tampered with to include more interview and extra footage. The music is sounding definitely more 80's-ish and is slightly more guitar- dominated despite sounding a bit like a cross-breeding between saga and It Bites (if you forget Descamps' so distinctive vocals), while the visual aspects remain fairly strong with the drums sitting opposite the keyboards stacks, thus leaving the centre stage free for the theatrics, which include a bunch of mime and even some laser lights.

There is also a "bonus" section with pictures commented by Descamps, where they fare out as far as the early 90's, but again, you'd better have good understanding of French to catch the comments. Definitely THE early Ange live document, even if some parts have not aged well (I don't necessarily mean the 80's part here), but if you're more than a casual Ange fan? this is a must-own thing.

by Sean Trane, progarchives
Ange - 70's/80's: 2 Décennies de Concerts (2003)

Ange - 70's/80's: 2 Décennies de Concerts (2003):

Ange - 70's/80's: 2 Décennies de Concerts (2003)


Par les Fils de Mandrin 1976:
00. Interview avec Christian Decamps
01. Par les Fils de Mandrin
02. Au Café du Colibri
03. Ainsi s'en ira la Pluie
04. Autour du Feu
05. Saltimbanques
06. Atlantis
07. Hymne à la Vie

Lunéville 1977:
01. Le Soir du Diable
02. Sur la Trace des Fées
03. Le Nain de Stanislas
04. Fils de Lumière
05. Au-delà du Délire
06. Les Noces

Zénith 1985:
01. Le reportage de Michel Buzon
02. Hymne à la Vie
03. Les Temps Modernes
04. Les Yeux d'un Fou
05. Là pour Personne
06. Guignols
07. La Chasse
08. Fou
09. Crever d'amour (prélude)
10. Crever d'amour (coït terminal)
11. Ces Gens-là

Archives photos commentées par Christian Decamps

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Ange - 70's/80's: 2 Décennies de Concerts (2003)

Ange - 70's/80's: 2 Décennies de Concerts (2003)

Ange - 70's/80's: 2 Décennies de Concerts (2003)

Ange - 70's/80's: 2 Décennies de Concerts (2003)

Ange - 70's/80's: 2 Décennies de Concerts (2003)

Ange - 70's/80's: 2 Décennies de Concerts (2003)

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