Audrey Hepburn - A Touch Of Music (2017)

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Audrey Hepburn - A Touch Of Music (2017)

Audrey Hepburn - A Touch Of Music (2017)
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Genre: Pop, Easy Listening / Label: Milan Records

His legendary rendition of the song Moon River, accompanied by the guitar (Diamonds on sofa) has entered the legend and his duets with Fred Astaire in Funny Frimousse. But Audrey Hepburn's filmography is also linked to the greatest film composers: Henry Mancini, Georges Gershwin, Georges Auric, Nino Rota, Franz Waxman, Dimitri Tiomkin, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Alex North … Exciting rhythms from Hot Paprika with the languid accents of Fascination (Ariane), romantic melodies from War and Peace to the mesmerizing sounds of Vertes Mansion, from the syncopated accents of Roman Vacations to the intimate and dramatic vibrations of The Rumor, from the spiritualistic accents of Au risque de to lose to the symphonic fragments of the movie Wind of the Plain, a sumptuous musical journey under the immense eyes of a huge actress. The remarkable visual - signed René Gruau - is from a poster for the brand BLIZZAND, exalting the "face-event" (in the words of Roland Barthes) of Audrey Hepburn.

Track List:

1. Moon river - Henry Mancini & His Orchestra and Chorus
2. Funny face - Fred Astaire
3. Bonjour paris ! - Fred Astaire
4. 's wonderful - Fred Astaire
5. Roman holiday - Georges Auric
6. Prélude - Nino Rota
7. War and peace - Nino Rota
8. Winter and remembrance of andrei - Nino Rota
9. Love in the afternoon - Franz Waxman
10. Hot paprika - Franz Waxman
11. Fascination - Franz Waxman
12. Green mansions - Bronislaw Kaper
13. Green mansions - Marni Nixon
14. Prélude and credo - Franz Waxman
15. Haircutting & gran coro - Franz Waxman
16. The unforgiven - Dimitri Tiomkin
17. The unforgiven - Dimitri Tiomkin
18. Breakfast at tiffany' - Henry Mancini & His Orchestra and Chorus
19. Moon river - Audrey Hepburn
20. Moon river cha cha - Henry Mancini & His Orchestra and Chorus
21. The children's hour - Alex North
22. Proposal - Alex North
23. Sabrina - Frederick Hollander
24. La vie en rose - Audrey Hepburn