Avicii - TIM (2019)

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Avicii - TIM (2019)

Avicii - TIM (2019)
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Dance, Pop | Label: Virgin

When Tim "Avicii" Bergling passed away on April 20, 2018, he was close to completing a new album. He left behind a collection of nearly finished songs, along with notes, email conversations and text messages that painted a picture of what he wanted the music to sound like. The songwriters that Tim was collaborating with on this album have continued the process to get as close to Tim's vision as possible. Since Tim's passing, the family have been determined not to keep the new music locked away – instead they have wanted to share it with his fans all around the world. The album, titled TIM, will be released on 6th June. Avicii's net proceeds from the album will go to the nonprofit Tim Bergling Foundation and the purposes it will work for, among other things, to prevent mental illness and suicide.


1. Peace of Mind (Feat. Vargas and Lagola)
2. Heaven (Feat. Chris Martin)
3. SOS (Feat. Aloe Blacc)
4. Tough Love (Feat. Agnes and Vargas and Lagola)
5. Bad Reputation (Feat. Joe Janiak)
6. Ain't a Thing (Feat. Joe Janiak)
7. Hold the Line (Feat. Arizona)
8. Freak
9. Excuse Me Mr. Sir (Feat. Vargas and Lagola)
10. Heart Upon My Sleeve (Feat. Imagine Dragons)
11. Never Leave Me (Feat. Martin Svensson)
12. Phase Away (Feat. Joe Janiak)




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