Beth Nielsen Chapman - You Hold The Key (1993)

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Beth Nielsen Chapman - You Hold The Key (1993)

Beth Nielsen Chapman - You Hold The Key (1993)
WEB | FLAC (tracks) - 332 MB | 49:23
Genre: Pop Rock, Folk, Country | Label: Reprise Records

While known as a crack Nashville songwriter, Beth Nielson Chapman works inside the pop realm on You Hold the Key, her second effort for Reprise. But pop for Chapman isn't all easy-to-digest nuggets. A talented songwriter, she moves in fluid motion between hearty pop, heart-tugging piano balladry, and burnished adult contemporary groove. She flirts with smoky piano jazz on the coy "Dance With Me Slow," imbues the first-person, fibrous title track with uplifting grace, and sells the smooth Paul Carrack duet "In the Time It Takes" with precision. But she's just as comfortable with the brassy, Bonnie Raitt-style blues-rock of "You Say You Will" or the quietly surging "Faithful Heart," where violins, harp, pipes, and a reverent choir of voices combine with her own fervent vocal for a truly moving experience. It's all in a day's work for Chapman, a wonderful performer who elevates the few scant weak moments of You Hold the Key with pure talent.

Track List:

01. I Don't Know (03:58)
02. You Hold The Key (04:07)
03. Dance With Me Slow (04:19)
04. Say It To Me Now (04:49)
05. When I Feel This Way (04:21)
06. Rage On Rage (04:19)
07. Only So Many Tears (04:09)
08. In The Time It Takes (04:19)
09. You Say You Will (04:21)
10. The Moment You Were Mine (03:32)
11. Faithful Heart (03:31)
12. Dancer To The Drum (03:40)




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