Christian Kleine - Electronic Music from the Lost World: 1998-2001 (2018)

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Christian Kleine - Electronic Music from the Lost World: 1998-2001 (2018)

Christian Kleine - Electronic Music from the Lost World: 1998-2001 (2018)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | Tracks: 11 | 60:52 min | 139 Mb
Style: Electronic, Ambient, Downtempo, IDM | Label: A Strangely Isolated Place

Christian Kleine unearths a selection of previously unreleased tracks that capture his unique production approach and ultimately helped define an influential era of electronica. Recovered from DAT and pressed on transparent green vinyl, with Berlin-brutalist inspired artwork, A Strangely Isolated Place present Christian’s most accomplished piece of work since his 2001 CCO album, 'Beyond Repair’.
1998, Berlin was a pivotal time for Germany’s Christian Kleine and electronic music as a whole. Growing-up amongst a divided city’s bleak aftermath, alongside hedonistic tendencies that birthed the likes of Loveparade, it was easy to be both inspired and rebellious at the same time. The influences of Detroit techno and rave culture started to travel, and artists were turning to new techniques and machinery, at a time when the bedroom, started to become a studio.

Christian would end up developing a new and unique sound, alongside a small but impactful community that eventually formed a cult artist roster on the City Centre Offices label. His background began in New Wave and Punk, eventually transitioning into DJ’ing in the early 90’s and then, into more electronic productions, with Jungle and drum’n bass his first muse. Christian was on the hunt for something different to what Berlin had to offer at the time, and with his first synth, (Nordlead 1995) and an Atari computer, Christian was creating his first drum’n bass tracks, sending them off to the local radio station, (Kiss FM) where he met future production partner and CCO label head, Thaddeus Herrmann.

Sunday morning studio time alongside Thaddi (as Herrmann & Kleine), jam sessions with Arovane, and coffee with Ulrich Schnauss, continued to inspire and push Christian’s style. This small but influential group of producers would go on to define a melodic, and introspective style of music that now has a cult status amongst IDM, ambient and electronic music fans.

Becoming tired of functional productions, Christian was always interested in finding his own place and language, and continued to experiment further. Taking his inspiration from drum’n bass, and the company of City Centre Offices artists, Christian defined his unique style we know today. Intelligent drum programming met an ethereal and melodic synthesizer style. A delicate and introspective listen, or a hazy layer of bubbling activity and color, Christian’s music defies function and invites you into a world of personal reflection.

This collection of music is Christian's own moment to reflect. Going back to a time he misses; an intense period when producing music was the only thing that mattered. This is music that never saw the light of day; recovered from DAT and pressed on vinyl; A Strangely Isolated Place and Christian Kleine present Electronic Music From The Lost World: 1998-2001.


01. Promise 05:15
02. Computer Error 06:43
03. Weep 06:14
04. City Nights 05:56
05. Dory 05:32
06. Somehow 04:21
07. Sun Star 03:48
08. Glimmer 06:33
09. -1/44 05:33
10. Stuttr Rye 05:52
11. Charcoal 05:05