Colombian Soul Compiled by Bagar AKA Tricky D (2019)

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Colombian Soul Compiled by Bagar AKA Tricky D (2019)

Colombian Soul Compiled by Bagar AKA Tricky D (2019)
FLAC tracks | 1:23:35 | 540 Mb
Genre: Jazz , World, Latin, Downtempo / Label: BBE

To most people across the globe, Colombian music (whether traditional or contemporary) usually means energetic, up-tempo latin sounds made for dancing. Having resided in Colombia for many years now and become a firm fixture in the country's grassroots music scene, Tricky D has come to know a softer, smoother side to Colombia's music that most of us never get to hear; so was born his 'Colombian Soul' project. As Dean puts it: "I realised that there is no compilation of Colombian downbeat music, so I decided to dig deep and get together collection of dubby, downbeat, minor tuned songs. The result is this collection of 20 spacey, soulful songs recorded by well recognised Colombian artists, many of whom I've collaborated with over the past few years."Featuring cutting-edge underground sound-system crews and hip hop collectives and Latin Grammy nominated stars alike (and pretty much everything in between), 'Colombian Soul' provides a great introduction to the vibrant, eclectic electronic music scene exploding in Colombia today.Cover art:Photo: Rita Dagaz Model: Isabel Arango MakeUp: Steven Cifuentes Clothes: Mixelanea

Track List:
01. Jimena Angel - Óyelo (3:46)
02. Cerrero; Lucía Pulido - Cuando Canto Grito (5:41)
03. Bagar aka Tricky D; Jupier; Lianna - Time; los Secundos Nunca Paran (4:24)
04. Systema Solar; Pedro Ramayá - Aguazero (4:04)
05. Pernett - Gracias (5:18)
06. Dragao; Nidia Góngora - Cumbia Lobina (Extended Mix) (5:49)
07. Lianna - Cada Paso (3:28)
08. Esteban Copete - Adiós Morena (Dub Across Borders Remix) (6:45)
09. Alma - Kong (3:12)
10. Salsangroove - Mujer Divina (5:03)
11. Radio Rebelde Soundsystem - Gualajo (3:41)
12. Bareto - La Negra y el Fantasma (3:04)
13. Romperayo - De Tocaima a Acapulco (3:33)
14. El Leopardo - El Leopardo (5:30)
15. Sunka; Raspapulaman; Marlen Obregón - Traigo Cumbia (4:04)
16. Glasford Howard; Pilar Matarola - Healing Song (Renegades Of Jazz Remix) (3:38)
17. Los Transatlanticos; Pilar Matarola - De Donde Vengo Yo (3:06)
18. David Caneva Akle (KOKN) - Nunca Termina (2:47)
19. Ruzto - Mañana Será (2:50)
20. Magallanes - Tres Días de Oscuridad (3:50)

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FILE: 1.01. Óyelo.flac
Size: 25135092 Hash: 25DC9B096D81B4DE59EB8463B07EB188 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 1E19464CA4323A97FB7AB16B373FC9130CB1D202
FILE: 1.02. Cuando Canto Grito.flac
Size: 35268875 Hash: EE897600A271ADA5ABCBEAD772DA507D Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 55073863D396F1408F772A038B5B50DC0FB7DBEC
FILE: 1.03. Time; los Secundos Nunca Paran.flac
Size: 32061994 Hash: CB503A79EB0A7FAFF23EDBC1450C77F4 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: CD84AEE5812D14807EA89DC829721E66D9C50AE0
FILE: 1.04. Aguazero.flac
Size: 28495577 Hash: 295248135230FA5E51D0EBC2449C6E9D Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: EC988A36764FD5BDF1527860EBFBB0007A8C9B25
FILE: 1.05. Gracias.flac
Size: 36498972 Hash: 2E7A5BFB29D28B6A00A9E5B6650EFB49 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: DF6943E23AA03B194DD06E9F429E578BB9D7D5C2
FILE: 1.06. Cumbia Lobina (Extended Mix).flac
Size: 40775551 Hash: 5C34919137B6AC3C1DB88334D06CC8C8 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 384057EDBE4CAEB63C57DA482C02C87908E5C8B9
FILE: 1.07. Cada Paso.flac
Size: 24667464 Hash: 29115E3BC54A5E4B6E97229EC315AF0F Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: FB3E50660316E014376EB187BFBDFDAA7FAAFBD0
FILE: 1.08. Adiós Morena (Dub Across Borders Remix).flac
Size: 42936306 Hash: 3695DA4CB07A3DCF405D755514E5ECB3 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 99%
Signature: C1501844EDDFC519A24C41FBA0D483CE04009ABE
FILE: 1.09. Kong.flac
Size: 22552814 Hash: E5F85072B5C5306A813003EA3D9D8C7D Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: A65F3745B49BE0104D94C1D15EFC5367666AE5D1
FILE: 1.10. Mujer Divina.flac
Size: 36284767 Hash: 59592ED3FFC06F22DED6F0C109DA5329 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 909A51A92C1D2F0F9005AEDBBE80D08D33B49DAF
FILE: 1.11. Gualajo.flac
Size: 25536906 Hash: 20403D64D5BB7303699E97909B048DA9 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 55CC5437951C0BF68360C91AA54199E7B4F5CCE9
FILE: 1.12. La Negra y el Fantasma.flac
Size: 19901329 Hash: 427D6223C68A8D034A35B6FEE82099A2 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: MPEG 97%
Signature: 73C76596392C387FD8768C82E8596D899AE89622
FILE: 1.13. De Tocaima a Acapulco.flac
Size: 24379369 Hash: C6D6D0F7104A71AC2B1E8CA6CF70EC81 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 8075E0DFAC239193E6998292C7946576852975D5
FILE: 1.14. El Leopardo.flac
Size: 37686144 Hash: 03AFEB8E6BDCCEF18E0E50557095D560 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: B66EAB009DE79A7C5044118AEE6A3C71E9CE1569
FILE: 1.15. Traigo Cumbia.flac
Size: 28958760 Hash: 0C18AD1786DCAC2067C0271D76DD7C4D Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 3BA9A85140365C91F02A137B5D4D72B388EFC00D
FILE: 1.16. Healing Song (Renegades Of Jazz Remix).flac
Size: 24564323 Hash: 59753E7828910CEEEF1C17087026403E Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 1D28A711913264501324941DE54614AA01A63230
FILE: 1.17. De Donde Vengo Yo.flac
Size: 20002660 Hash: D94E33EC27694732C0832D68B922A806 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 0DB944DD98427C8D6089BDAA81433B8FCEB3697D
FILE: 1.18. Nunca Termina.flac
Size: 20480427 Hash: 0916EF9630FB97083CDF1767AE9EC8A7 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 748B37A67C551174421117D6E98B27F8506ED989
FILE: 1.19. Mañana Será.flac
Size: 16826003 Hash: D29C17B1FA55009C7E69DF0F565A0708 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 86%
Signature: 975E5EB73891CE5213B1028229FACE3EE460714C
FILE: 1.20. Tres Días de Oscuridad.flac
Size: 23538021 Hash: F769D4138FA76D13848B5A8CBC36A085 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: B9AA4EE59EE83F54D8002B8EBAD28DCFFC45F54D