Daniel Zimmerman - Drifting Home (2017)

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Daniel Zimmerman - Drifting Home (2017)

Daniel Zimmerman - Drifting Home (2017)
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Label: Daniel Zimmerman

Daniel Zimmerman's new CD is a tour de force. By fusing varied styles with great playing, innovative compositions and a personalized voice replete with wit and fun, he brings the music to life. Each track offers a sonic journey through the musical mind of a visionary artist, one who knows where he wants to go and how to get there. This album took three years to record, but really it represents decades of playing with some of the greatest musicians in the vibrant international music scene in Santa Barbara. Playing guitar in many bands in Southern California, I developed the concept for a guitar driven music that draws upon many styles and incorporates them in a cohesive way. From sophisticated jazz fusion to reverb-drenched surf to dirty blues, my music emphasizes mood and feeling over technique but jazz fans will still get some burning solos and interesting harmony.

I have been fortunate to play with lots of amazing musicians: Costa Rican Jazz composer and drummer Luis Munoz, internationally renowned Brazilian singer and guitarist Teka, classic rocker Jay Ferguson from the band Spirit, Latin Jazz drummer from Los Lobos Cougar Estrada and many others. My decades of travel through musical styles has led to some amazing discoveries. With this album, I have used this material to create a music that is as colorful and diverse as the city it grew out of.


01. The Hangman
02. Erasure
03. Home
04. Mosquitos
05. Kim's Song
06. Nate's Plate
07. The Two Cats
08. Drifting Away
09. Ghosts