Doris Day - Day Time On The Radio: Lost Radio Duets From The Doris Day Show (2017)

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Doris Day - Day Time On The Radio: Lost Radio Duets From The Doris Day Show (2017)

Doris Day - Day Time On The Radio: Lost Radio Duets From The Doris Day Show (2017)
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One couldn’t imagine a better opening number for the radio program The Doris Day Show than “It’s Magic,” for each week between March 1952 and May 1953, the versatile song stylist and beloved motion picture star cast a spell over listeners worldwide with an intimate gathering of famous friends filled with music and laughter. Over the course of five dozen broadcasts of The Doris Day Show recorded in Hollywood in front of a live audience and happily preserved on 16-inch transcription discs Doris joined her special guests at the piano for performances of songs she often had never commercially recorded. This is a largely unknown and scarcely documented facet of Doris’ career, and Day Time on the Radio brings to light no less than 32 rarities including 27 duets and five solo performances. Among her notable foils are frequent leading man Gordon MacRae, who starred in five pictures with Doris; here the two of them sing a total of four duets, highlighted by their medley of “Cuddle Up a Little Closer”/”Till We Meet Again.” Movie stars Kirk Douglas, George Murphy, Ronald Reagan (!), and Broderick Crawford all prove willing and able duet partners, while the more musically-inclined Tony Martin, Howard Keel, Smilin’ Jack Smith, and Frank Loesser lend their formidable talents to a mix of traditional and Broadway-inspired fare. Doris’ sparkling solo performance of “Till I Waltz Again with You” finishes Day Time on the Radio with a flourish before a couple of hidden bonus tracks: her renditions of the opening “It’s Magic” and closing “Love to Be with You” radio themes sans announcer. Joe Marchese’s detailed notes and rare photos round out what is a fantastic addition to the Doris Day discography, the first authorized release ever of her long-lost radio performances.


01. It's Magic (Radio Announcer Version)
02. A Wooin' We Will Go (With Howard Keel)
03. The Love Nest (With Gordon MacRae)
04. You're Just In Love (With Van Johnson)
05. Ma Says, Pa Says (With Broderick Crawford & Don Wilson)
06. Dearie (With Dan Dailley)
07. If Life Were All Peaches & Cream (With Tony Martin)
08. Red Hot Henry Brown (With Kirk Douglas)
09. I Will Marry You (With John Agar)
10. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (With Gordon MacRae)
11. A Kiss Like This (With Alan Young)
12. Merrily Song (With Donald O'Connor)
13. Take Me Out To The Ball Game (With Ronald Reagan & Bob Crosby)
14. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (With Jack Smith)
15. Tea For Two (With Gordon MacRae)
16. We're In Love (With Broderick Crawford)
17. My Darling, My Darling (With Frank Loesser)
18. Around The Corner (With Marais & Miranda)
19. Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie (With George Jessel)
20. Little By Little (With Walter O'Keefe)
21. Something Sort Of Grandish (With David Wayne)
22. You're My Peaches & Cream (With David Butler)
23. Together (With Don Wilson)
24. I'll Be Seeing You (With George Murphey)
25. Ma Says, Pa Says (With Marais & Miranda, Gordon MacRae)
26. I'm Gonna Mend My Fences (With Howard Keel)
27. Cuddle Up A Little Closer Till We Meet Again (With Gordon MacRae)
28. Jingle Bells Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (With Jimmy Boyd, Jack Kirkwood & Don Wilson)
29. Love To Be With You (Radio Announcer Version)
30. Till I Waltz Again With You
31. It's Magic
32. Love To Be With You