Fleetwood Mac - The Show Divine At 9th & Pine (200x)

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Fleetwood Mac - The Show Divine At 9th & Pine (200x)

Fleetwood Mac - The Show Divine At 9th & Pine (200x)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | RAR | 124 mb
Genre: rock, classic rock

The Show Divine At 9th & Pine is a bootleg CD released in the early 21st century by British group Fleetwood Mac, taken from an FM broadcast of a 1972 show in Seattle at the Paramount Theatre. The title of the CD is named after the street corner that the Paramount is on. A nice recording despite one of Mac's members being completely drunk on his arse, which means it wasn't Christine McVie. This was recorded a week after the release of their 6th album, Bare Trees, and the drunkenness of Danny Kirwan during this show eventually lead to the band firing him.

1. Intro
2. Tell Me All The Things You Do
3. Future Games
4. Get Like You Used To Be
5. Little Child Of Mine
6. Spare Me A Little
7. Homeward Bound
8. Black Magic Woman
9. Oh Well (Encore)
10. Station ID and next weeks Shows

Bob Welch-guitar, vocals (tracks 2 & 8), background vocals (track 7)
Danny Kirwan-guitar, vocals (track 4), background vocals (track 7)
Christine McVie-keyboards, vocals (tracks 1, 3, 5 & 8)
John McVie-bass
Mick Fleetwood-drums

I included #10 only for the historical significance. It varifies that this show took place on the weekend of March 10, 1972. FM played in Salem, OR on March 11th so this show either takes place on the Friday the 10th or Sunday the 12th. I must note that someone in a discussion thread on TTD said they were there and they remember having School the next day. But thats a 35 yr memory at work so take that into consideration.

Fleetwood Mac
Paramount Theater, Seattle, Washington, 10 March, 1972

Lineage-> MR Scotch 203 3.75ips->Baking ->
Sound Forge 24 bit 48Khz ->Downsampling and bit depth
conversion (16 bit 44.1Khz) ->track splitup ->
Flac via Flac Frontend level 6, sectors aligned and verifie

Danny Kirwan was by all accounts falling-down drunk. At this point in his career he had taken to excessive consumption of alcohol and was on his way to being sacked later that year (by his one remaining friend in the band Mick Fleetwood.) He can be heard tripping over equipment and causing feedback during this performance, shocking his bandmates enough for them to remark about it. Within the next couple of years he would be spotted wandering the streets of London, homeless.

During this show, Mr. Kirwan manages to finish the vocals on "Little Child Of Mine", but the band struggle to keep up with the uneven pace he has set for them. Bob Welch takes over guitar lead from him during the song. Kirwin tries to sing "Black Magic Woman", but is unable to and Bob Welch has to finish it for him. Even with all of that going on, the band
still manage a fine performance.

Other than baking (the tape), no manipulations performed. It's raw as I have it!

Thank you to the original uploader.