Fields of the Nephilim - Revelations - Best of (1997)

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Fields of the Nephilim - Revelations - Best of (1997)

Fields of the Nephilim - Revelations - Best of (1997)
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Gothic Rock | Beggars (UK) Records

Fields of the Nephilim are a semi-active English gothic rock/gothic metal band formed in Stevenage, Hertfordshire in 1984. The original line-up consisted of vocalist Carl McCoy, saxophonist Gary Whisker, Tony Pettitt on bass, guitarist Paul Wright and drummer Alexander "Nod" Wright. Following the release of the debut EP Burning the Fields, Whisker left the band to be replaced by Peter Yates as second guitarist. The band's name refers to a Biblical race of giants or angel-human hybrids, known as the Nephilim. Although they have not received substantial mainstream success, the band's seminal sound has proved highly influential, especially in the genre of gothic rock and, later on, gothic metal and rock noir.

Fields Of The nephilim are and never were just a band that became what the word Goth means in the music world.They were and still are a place where one can go to gain knowledge through musical soundscapes about the ancient world ,The ocult, and other forces that still have a place in this world we live in.The musicianship is first class. The lyrics are thought provoking and dare the listener to step out of their comfort zone and take a trip into the history lessons that were never taught in school.Carl Mcoy the vocalist and lyric writer is the driving force that started this band.He was raised by parents that were deeply religious and as a child he heard the word "Nephilim" a lot, which set him on a path less traveled,Drawing from his experience and knowledge about these little known entities that were said to be the offspring of "The Watchers" who were fallen angels that came to earth after the ice age and were said to have influenced the first civilization of humankind, The Sumerians. Mcoy named his band after them,but was also influenced by ancient shamanism and the occult.
Fields of the Nephilim are the type of band a listener can be fully consumed by and Revelations does a masterful job of that. Haunting, hypnotic and beautiful, this compilation captures the band's best moments throughout the years. Whether you are a newcomer to the band or a longtime fanatic, Revelations is an excellent "best of" package that deserves all the praise one can heap upon the band.

Personal Comment: This 'best of' compilation includes some of the most lyrically magnificent goth rock songs ever penned. This does not contain any of the mopey - "Oh no my my girlfriend(or boyfriend) has left me, now let me cut myself with a razor" kind of crap that passes for goth these days.

Track Listing
1 Moonchild
2 Chord Of Souls
3 Last Exit For The Lost
4 Preacher Man
5 Love Under Will
6 Power
7 Psychonaut Lib 111
8 For Her Light
9 Blue Water
10 Vet For The Insane
11 Watchman
12 Dawnrazor (Live)

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