Idka Jazz - The Onion's Core (2018)

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Idka Jazz - The Onion's Core (2018)

Idka Jazz - The Onion's Core (2018)
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Jazz | Label: Gammalthea

With her album The Onion's Core, the Malmö-based saxophonist Ida Karlsson has done some soul-searching, finding inspiration from her background and childhood in Haraker, Sweden. In a stressful time when every individual is the smith of her own fortune and artists are expected to be versatile in all arenas, Ida's song composing reveals a dismissal of excess and a return to her familial roots.

The band presents its pieces with tangible presence, humour and a swinging Nordic sound. The musicians lift one another's ideas, their tones bearing witness to faith in solidarity and fellowship. The record is recorded at The Village Recording Studio in Copenhagen, and since half the band comes from Finland, Idka Jazz indirectly becomes a Nordic collaboration aimed at building musical bridges.


01. Onions Core
02. Silo
03. Sömnlös
04. Humble
05. Jack of All Trades
06. Baking
07. Haraker Hymn
08. Popish




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