Indigo Summer - Indigo Summer (2017)

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Indigo Summer - Indigo Summer (2017)

Indigo Summer - Indigo Summer (2017)
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Country | Label: Indigo Summer

Indigo Summer is taking country fans by storm with their self-titled debut release. Featuring all original songs cowritten by the duo, Bryan Edwards and Hope Nix, the full-length album is sure to add a fresh and exciting sound to country music. Meeting at a songwriter’s night at Nashville’s famed Hotel Indigo in December of 2010 (hence part of the duo’s name), Hope and Bryan quickly hit it off with their musical similarities. The two began writing together and from those sessions, their partnership grew to include performing and producing together.

As solo artists, they have performed across the country and opened for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, and Charlie Daniels. As songwriters, they have had numerous cuts and TV placements, including songs recorded by Jason Aldean and featured on the Discovery Channel.

Just as their name suggests, Indigo Summer’s music is fun, sexy, and energetic. Their songs are true to their country roots but also daring to push the boundaries of today’s country music. Whether you are looking for music to crank with your windows down on a hot July night, or dreaming about sunshine on a cold December afternoon, Indigo Summer will take you there.


01. Ah Yeah
02. Lookin' Like That
03. Wants What It Wants
04. A1A
05. Something You Miss
06. #Summertime
07. Pop, Fizz, Clink
08. Not To
09. Hate Lovin' You
10. Before Tonight
11. Girl Like You
12. Slow Down Summer




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