Jack Nitzsche - Three Piece Suite: The Reprise Recordings 1971-1974 (2001)

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Jack Nitzsche - Three Piece Suite: The Reprise Recordings 1971-1974 (2001)

Jack Nitzsche - Three Piece Suite: The Reprise Recordings 1971-1974 (2001)
Avantgarde, Classic Rock | MP3 320 kbps CBR | 77 min | 183 MB
Label: Rhino Handmade | Rel: 2001

Only from the Rhino Handmade web-based audio salon could such a fulfilling reissue project have likewise been so thoroughly executed. Keen-eyed and eared pop music enthusiasts will undoubtedly recognize Jack Nitzsche from his involvement with Phil Spector's "Wrecking Crew" and later as a producer/arranger and writer for a spectrum of talent that includes but is by no means limited to Leslie Gore, Art Pepper, Tim Buckley, Neil Young, John Tesh, Mink DeVille, and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Three Piece Suite: The Reprise Recordings 1971-1974 gathers three disparate sonic situations under which Nitzsche recorded, and of these only the orchestrated St. Giles Cripplegate has been issued in any form. Very little is known with regard to the other recordings, besides the fact that they were on deposit in the Warner Bros. tape archives. St. Giles Cripplegate features the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) performing six original Nitzsche scores. According to Elliot Mazer's liner notes essay, the album was the direct result of the jaw-dropping orchestral arrangements Nitzsche had done for Neil Young's Harvest album specifically on the tracks "There's a World" and "A Man Needs a Maid." Although his musical scope was indeed broad by any standards, these sides are more akin to Frank Zappa's symphonic experimentations and compositions than anything linked to Nitzsche's name. Each of the works is unique, exploring various sonic boundaries. For example, "No. 6" the album's opener – is a vertigo-inducing swirl of demented strings and bombastic percussion, capped off with a dramatic brass flourish. This starkly contrasts with the comparably sedate and languid "No. 4 (For Mori)" – which foreshadows his work on Milos Foreman's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest original soundtrack. The next 11 tracks on this compilation were recorded, assembled, and even bestowed a Reprise catalog number under the eponymous title Jack Nitzsche yet the project remained virtually forgotten. According to the thoroughly entertaining discographical annotations, no records exist to confirm exactly who performs on these sides. With a nod to primal Todd Rundgren and the quirky harmonic genius of Brian Wilson, tracks such as "Lower California" and "I'm the Loneliest Fool" recall the idiosyncratic nature of his collaborative efforts with Van Dyke Parks, and arrangements for Tim Buckley and the Buffalo Springfield. These sides may likely be the greatest discovery the archivists at Rhino Handmade have released. Along with lyrical contributions from director Robert Downey, Nitzsche creates more than music. He is, in effect, altering mood through sound. The disc closes with four demos that chronologically fall between St. Giles Cripplegate and the unissued self-titled project mentioned above. These stark performances reveal a sensitivity and intimacy that were previously only hinted at. According to the liner notes which were penned by longtime Nitzsche pal and housemate Denny Bruce the track "I'll Bet She Knew It" was named after the legendary Jeannie Franklyn, a seamstress in Los Angeles for many a rock & roller. She was likewise immortalized in the song "Tiny Dancer" as the "blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band." Likewise, "Carly" is a tongue-in-cheek paeon to the burgeoning singer/songwriter scare of the early '70s. Three Piece Suite is limited to an edition of 3,000 copies and available through Rhino Handmade.


1. #6 (5:02)
2. #4 (for Mori) (3:08)
3. #2 (5:57)
4. #3 (7:15)
5. #1 (4:26)
6. #5 (6:58)
7. Lower California (2:14)
8. Who Say What To Who? (2:04)
9. I'm The Loneliest Fool (2:34)
10. Little Al (3:38)
11. Sleeping Daughter (1:36)
12. New Mexico (1:29)
13. Hanging Around (2:55)
14. On The Moodus Run (2:37)
15. Brace (2:22)
16. Marie (2:44)
17. Number Eleven (7:16)
18. I'll Bet She Knew It (demo) (3:11)
19. We Have To Stay (demo) (4:29)
20. Carly (demo) (3:39)
21. Reno (demo) (2:09)