Jim Hall - Live! (1975) {2003 Verve Music Group} **[RE-UP]**

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Jim Hall - Live! (1975) {2003 Verve Music Group} **[RE-UP]**

Jim Hall - Live! (1975) {2003 Verve Music Group}
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Genre: jazz

Live! is the 1975 album by Jim Hall. Originally released by Horizon/A&M, this is taken from a CD remaster by Verve Music Group released on 25 March, 2003.
Hall is the common link in several important reissues released within the last year. He has appeared on numerous sessions since the early Sixties and has been active to the present as a leader recording for Concord and Telarc, and in the New York club scene over the course of the last 20 years (check out the 1997 Telarc release Panorama, Live at the Village Vanguard). He is best in intimate settings and no recording exemplifies his artistry more concisely than Jim Hall Live featuring his long-standing trio including bassist Don Thompson and drummer Terry Clarke. Originally released on A&M Horizon in 1975, Jim Hall Live was recorded at Bourbon Street in Toronto. Like Miles Davis at The Plugged Nickel and Paul Desmond Live, the recording is pristine enough that you can hear the ice cubes in patron’s drinks. But it is the happy, focused playing from all involved that makes the date special. Hall says it best when asked about recording live in a club: " Let me count the whys - playing for the moment, joy, sense of humor, chance taking, stretching to reach your potential, and sometimes missing, playing to a receptive audience, and trust in the other musicians". He opens with Sinatra’s Angel Eyes in double time, dabbles in the harmonically rich Round Midnight, and quotes Charlie Parker in fact and in spirit in his classic Scrapple From the Apple. As critic Doug Ramsey raves, "He is a wizard, truly the only contemporary guitarist to be mentioned with Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt."

Jim Hall - Live! (1975) {2003 Verve Music Group} **[RE-UP]**

1. Angel Eyes
2. 'Round Midnight
3. Scrapple From the Apple
4. The Way You Look Tonight
5. I Hear a Rhapsody

Jim Hall-guitar
Don Thompson-bass
Terry Clarke-drums

Recorded live at Bourbon Street, Toronto, Canada in June 1975

Mastered by Suha Gur at Universal Mastering Studios-East

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Jim Hall / Live!

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Track 1
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Track 2
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Track 3
Filename D:\FLAC\Jim Hall - Live! (1975) [FLAC] {2003 Verve Music Group}\03 - Scrapple From the Apple.wav

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Track 4
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Track 5
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Jim Hall - Live! (1975) {2003 Verve Music Group} **[RE-UP]**

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