Joanna Weinberg - Pandora's Bag (2017)

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Joanna Weinberg - Pandora's Bag (2017)

Joanna Weinberg - Pandora's Bag (2017)
Vocal Jazz, Retro Swing | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 00:43:41 | 104 MB
Label: Joanna Weinberg | Release Year: 2017

Pandora’s Bag is a suite of jazzy, witty and delightful songs about bags and the women who wear them. Written by award winning songwriter and cabaret artist Joanna Weinberg, (Goddess, Baroness Bianka’s Bloodsongs, Lifeforce, The Piano Diaries, Every Single Saturday,) the bag is examined as a metaphor for all things female and explored as adornment, status symbol and keeper of memories. Women of all ages will relate instantly to the hilarious ‘Old Bag” and “Bag Porn” songs, while ‘Laundry Bag and ‘Pandora’s Bag’ offer more serious commentary about the position of women in the home and in war. (The show doesn’t only appeal to women – men have their baggage too.) Hilarious Bag Facts link these contemporary and catchy songs played by Joanna and her all-girl band and the bags are modelled by ‘Chantelle” – bag model extraordinaire. Accompanying Joanna are Ellen Kirkwood on trumpet, Kate Adams on cello, Nicola Ossher on drums and percussion and Sarah Tari as Chantelle the Bag Model.


01. Why Won't You Let Me Die
02. My Favourite Accessory
03. Pandora's Bag
04. All The Same
05. Doctor D
06. Laundry Bag
07. Bag Porn
08. Old Bag
09. The Perfume Of Leather
10. Middle Aged Women On Ships