Joey Molland - Pilgrim (1992)

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Joey Molland - Pilgrim (1992)

Joey Molland - Pilgrim (1992)
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Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Power Pop | Label: Rykodisc | Cat.: RCD 10212

Joey Molland's solo albums aren't as well-known as his work with Badfinger, which is regrettable because the singer has done some worthwhile things on his own. The Pilgrim, one of Molland's solo recordings, is a decent release that was recorded when he was 43. While Badfinger fans can appreciate this collection of melodic rock & roll and pop/rock, one shouldn't think of The Pilgrim as a Badfinger tribute album (which it isn't). Like the solo albums of Blondie's Deborah Harry, Kiss' Ace Frehley, or The Go-Gos' Belinda Carlisle, The Pilgrim must be accepted on its own terms and on its own merits – this CD would have been noteworthy even if Molland had never been a member of Badfinger. Much of The Pilgrim is reflective and contemplative, although some outright rockers are included as well, most notably "Hard Time" and the angry socio-political smoker "You Make Me Sick."

Joey Molland - Pilgrim (1992)

Track Listing

01. You Make Me Sick (04:17)
02. All Caught Up (05:08)
03. The Party's Over (04:13)
04. No One Likes The Rain (04:12)
05. Vampire Wedding (04:06)
06. The Magic Of Love (06:09)
07. Hard Times (03:31)
08. Long, Long Way Back Home (05:00)
09. In My Dreams (04:09)
10. Your Eyes (03:47)
11. This 'n' That (03:28)
12. All The Way (05:57)

Produced by Joey Molland


• Joey Molland: guitars, bass, piano, keyboards, percussion, Linn 9000 drums, vocals
• John Richardson: drums
• Scott Bartel: piano, keyboards, strings
• Mike Lichey: lead guitar
• Randy Anderson: slide guitar
• Bill Collins: organ
• David "Swanny" Swanson: saxophones
• Kathie Molland: backup vocals, conscience, harmonies
• Ritchie Routledge: backing vocals

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