Josh Harty - Handcrafted (2017)

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Josh Harty - Handcrafted (2017)

Josh Harty - Handcrafted (2017)
MP3 CBR V0kbps | Tracks: 13 | 42:23 min | 77 Mb
Style: Folk, Country, Americana, Singer-Songwriter | Label: Continental Record Services

Handcrafted is Josh Harty's 5th solo studio record. Unlike his previous recordings, Three Day Notice (2003), Long List of Lies (2008), Nowhere (2011), and Holding On (2017), Handcrafted is 100% acoustic and solo. It's a collection of songs taken from previous recordings but recorded exactly as they're often performed live. Recorded during the Winter of 2016 and Spring of 2017, by Steve Hamilton in Milwaukee, WI, Handcrafted has no overdubs, no studio tricks and no additional musicians. If you've seen a live Josh Harty show, consider Handcrafted a pretty close replica.


1. You And I
2. Minna Miller
3. Wired
4. Holding On
5. Round And Round
6. The Kind
7. English Rain
8. Whiskey And Morphine
9. Learn To Fight
10. Long Time Coming Down
11. On My Mind
12. December
13. Which Way I Go