Kalax - Outlands (2014)

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Kalax - Outlands (2014)

Kalax - Outlands (2014)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | Tracks: 10 | 40:40 min | 100 Mb
Style: Electronic, Dreamwave, Synthpop, Soundtrack | Label: Kalax

Kalax dials it back a bit for ‘Sapphire City’. This is a slower, moodier track that brings back the rolling thunder. Wherever the Outlands are, Kalax makes sure we know we’re there. ‘The Race’ is befittingly a sinister outrun track full of unrelenting basslines and growls that build into twisted synth crescendos. Fans of the Wipeout series of racing games will feel right at home with these tracks, and maybe some of us wish that Kalax was around at the time to be featured on their soundtracks.

Still gliding along this strange landscape of thunder and synth mountain ranges, we take a break to admire the scenery with ‘Escape Prologue (Interlude)’. It is what it says it is, a brief aside from the main story, but I feel it necessary to mention that synth wave queen Dana Jean Phoenix lends her haunting vocals to this track.

An instrumental version of ‘Escape’ is technically the last track on Outlands but ‘Victory (Credits)’ is the end of the narrative. The titular hero Kalax and his alien companion have somehow found a way to leave the Outlands, a place of gemstone cities and constant thunderstorms. The track itself is layered and soaring, reaching wonderful heights that speak of happy endings and new adventures.

Kalax wields the big guns with style and grace and Outlands is a satisfying soundtrack-style synth wave journey. Adventure, danger, alternate dimensions, alien companions, DJP and Kraut Rap.


01. Arrival (Opening)
02. Outlands
03. Sapphire City
04. The Race
05. Escape Prologue (Interlude) (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)
06. Fly With Me
07. The Getaway
08. Escape (Feat. Blokkmonsta/Dana Jean Phoenix)
09. Victory (Credits)
10. Escape (Instrumental)