Kari Sal (Karina Srocka) - Betesda (2017)

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Kari Sal (Karina Srocka) - Betesda (2017)

Kari Sal (Karina Srocka) - Betesda (2017)
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Jazz, Vocal Jazz | Label: Hevhetia

Betesda is spiritual music. Created under the influence of painting, a trip to Iceland, where in the small town of Kirkjubajarklaustur, Kari wrote most of the songs. Multiculturalism and its dialogue are therefore reflected in its music. It contains elements of jazz, classical music and world music. In the lyrical layer, most of them were Kari's original texts, as well as apocryphal works from the mid-sixth century.

Betesda is a biblical place of purification. This record is for me a kind of symbol of purification, I would like people listening to my music to break away from everything that troubles them every day and find peace in it. The Betesda CD is the result of the extraordinary creative commitment of each of the musicians. I am glad that I was able to invite such strong and colorful characters together, because thanks to them, this music creates a truly unique color.


01. Bros (Smile)
02. Await Me
03. Waterfall
04. The Last Days of Summer
05. Puffin
06. Dyrholaey
07. Betesda, Pt. 1
08. Betesda, Pt. 2




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