Lemongrass - Time Machine (2016)

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Lemongrass - Time Machine (2016)

Lemongrass - Time Machine (2016)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | Tracks: 06 | 40:25 min | 101 Mb
Style: Ambient, Chillout | Label: Lemongrassmusic

Step into the “Time machine” and aviate to your own land of peace and relaxation! Blessed with the talent to build a unified community of sound and spirit, Roland Voss aka Lemongrass writes songs of an almost otherworldly beauty. Deceleration, letting go and recreation spring forth from an ambitious musical expression, leaving its marks on every song. Despite its minimalistic leanings, “Time machine” paints a melodic Ambiental sound cosmos full of detail. Highly sensitive piano work is a leading element, in particular turning the opener “Beside you” in a masterpiece of Modern Classical meets electronica. “The other world” surprises with a great Pink Floyd inspired psychedelic guitar theme, embedded in spacious keyboard sounds. By making a bow to the best of the venerable giants of the Ambient Music genre and at the same time processing on to new horizons, the past and the future is brought into the Here & Now. Considered as one of the trailblazers of Electronic Listening Music in general, over the last couple of years Lemongrass has grown to an expert for Ambiental music. “Time Machine” represents the pinnacle of this development. A wowing tapestry of sound bearing the spirit of a meditative environment. Thoughtful reluctance and blurred contours help in order to keep the listener’s imagination activated. May the “time machine” be with you!


1. Beside You (5:05)
2. The Other World (5:46)
3. Heart Flutter (6:07)
4. Light In Darkness (8:01)
5. Enlightened (4:50)
6. Moon and Sun (10:36)