Lithium - Red (2018)

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Lithium - Red (2018)

Lithium - Red (2018)
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Jazz | Label: Hevhetia

'Red' is the debut album from new band, Lithium. Lithium is the result of a collaboration of four talented jazz musicians and composers: Joonas Tuuri, Jonne Taavitsainen, Alexi Tuomarila and André Fernandes. With many tours both as leader and with trumpet player and ECM artist Tomasz Stanko, pianist and composer Alexi Tuomarila has become a fixture in many European jazz projects. His fellow countryman, drummer Jonne Taavitsainen, is one of the jazz scene's emerging talents. Joonas Tuuri plays double bass and electric bass. In his career as a bassist, he has played in many different formations. In his youth, Joonas studied music at the Central Karelia Music Institute in eastern Finland and today studies at the Sibelius Academy's Jazz Department. The line-up is completed by the youngest band member, the Portuguese guitarist Andre Fernandes, who already has worked with a number of top artists such as Lee Konitz, Mário Laginha, Chris Cheek, Maria Joao, Tomasz Stanko, Bill McHenry, Perico Sambeat, Jeff Ballard, Julian Arguelles, David Binney, Avishai Cohen and Eli Degib.


01. Bruin Bay
02. Falling
03. Interstellar
04. Substellar
05. Green
06. Vagabond
07. Chill
08. Shadows
09. The Times They Are A-Changin'




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