Michael Logozar - Time (2012)

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Michael Logozar - Time (2012)

Michael Logozar - Time (2012)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | Tracks: 10| 44:37 min | 113 Mb
Style: New Age, Piano | Label: Michael Logozar

"Time" is the wonderful follow-up to Michael Logozar’s 2008 debut, "Coming Into View." The ten original piano solos convey a variety of moods and experiences, but the music is always flowing, elegant and beautifully expressed. Where Logozar’s first album was mostly improvised with some post-recording editing, "Time" is more composed - and recorded on an acoustic Yamaha grand. Logozar worked with Grammy Award-winning Corin Nelsen on mixing and mastering the final product and the results are a warm, clean piano sound that is clear but not overly bright. As often happens with artists in all genres and media, life’s difficulties seem to have inspired Logozar to reach new heights with his music. However, rather than expressing the dark side of those difficulties, Logozar’s newer compositions seek a peaceful and calming influence in his often late-night compositions.

"Time" begins with “The River,” a gentle piece that sets the tone of the album. The graceful motion of the music suggests the movement of water as it flows lazily but constantly. The more energetic passages convey power and strength, returning each time to effortless tranquility with sparks of sunshine dancing on the water. “Awakening” expresses the hope and promise of a fresh start, whether it is a new day or a new phase of life. “Midnight Waltz” is a bittersweet waltz that begins slowly, picking up the tempo at the mid-point and then gradually slowing as it winds down. I really like this one! The title track is another favorite. Gentle and very introspective, it evokes images of reflective late-night musings at the piano. “Around the Bend” feels like a musical daydream - wondering what’s ahead and anticipating the unknown. “Innocence” sweetly captures that elusive quality found mostly in very young children - simple, full of wonder, and very fragile. “The Sun Will Shine” is hope and optimism set to music. Graceful and uncomplicated, the warmth of this piece is inviting and deeply comforting. “In a Dream” closes the set with a longer piece that feels more improvised than the other nine tracks. Very free and unstructured, it floats on air much like, well, a dream, making it easy to surrender to the music, allowing it to take you on a effortless musical journey.

"Time" has been an anxiously-awaited gem that was well worth the wait! Very enthusiastically recommended!

01. The River
02. Awakening
03. The Fisherman's Tale
04. Midnight Waltz
05. Time
06. Around the Bend
07. Innocence
08. The Sun Will Shine
09. Together
10. In a Dream