Michael Kiske - R.T.S. (Readiness To Sacrifice) (1999) [Japanese Ed.]

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Michael Kiske - R.T.S. (Readiness To Sacrifice) (1999) [Japanese Ed.]

Michael Kiske - R.T.S. (Readiness To Sacrifice) (1999) [Japanese Ed.]
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Hard Rock, Experimental Rock | Victor Ent. | VICP-60650

R.T.S. (Readiness to Sacrifice) is the second solo album of Michael Kiske. It was released in 1999 in Japan and South Korea, and in Europe in 2001. The music on the album featured Michael moving away from his heavy metal roots. Musically it's a nice melodic pop/rock with many classical arrangements (violins/violas/cellos/flute…) of the best type arrangement by Michael himself. There's also a lot of acoustic guitars (if not only) and the overall is very very calm. Michael makes a real demonstration of his vocal abilities for this album.

Michael Kiske - R.T.S. (Readiness To Sacrifice) (1999) [Japanese Ed.]

Michael Kiske - R.T.S. (Readiness To Sacrifice) (1999) [Japanese Ed.]

Track Listing

01. Could Cry (04:41)
02. Ban 'em (06:37)
03. Philistine City (04:31)
04. Crosstown (03:36)
05. Where Wishes Fly (05:28)
06. Watch Your Blue (04:16)
07. Out Of Homes (04:13)
08. It (04:08)
09. Easy (05:47)
10. Shadowfights (03:19)

Produced by Michael Kiske


• Michael Kiske: vocals, guitars, keyboards
• Ciriaco Taraxes: guitars, keyboards
• Jens Mencl: bass
• Kay Rudi Wolke: drums on tracks 3, 6
• Jürgen Spiegel: drums on all other tracks
• The Bremer Weser Quartett: strings
• Norbert Krietemeyer: flute
• Ralli D.: bass on track 6

Michael Kiske - R.T.S. (Readiness To Sacrifice) (1999) [Japanese Ed.]

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