Mike Gibbins - A Place In Time (1997)

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Mike Gibbins - A Place In Time (1997)

Mike Gibbins - A Place In Time (1997)
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Genre: Rock, Pop Rock | Label: Forbidden Records | Cat.: FOR1962

Mike Gibbins' first solo album, one and a half years in the making, was recorded at Exile Studio in Oveido, Florida on a digital 8-track recorder which Mike loaned from August Fritsch. Mike wrote, produced, recorded and engineered the album himself. Mike sings, plays drums & percussion, and plays all the keyboard parts. He is helped out on bass, guitars and backing vocals by Rick Warsing, who Mike discovered playing in a country band. Mike was impressed by his guitar playing and asked him if he was interested in listening to some demos he had recorded, intended for other artists to cover. Rick was impressed and he and Mike's styles worked well together. The thing that Mike likes best about Rick's guitar playing is that he's very accurate and he doesn't jam or improvise too much. Indeed, Rick is excellent. Being a Badfinger fan, Rick plays in that style very well. Mike himself is an excellent drummer & percussionist and an underrated Rock 'N' Roll piano player. Mike says that after a lot of tracks were recorded, it started to sound like an album, so he decided to put it out himself. A Place In Time is the result, Mike's first solo album ever, and it has a lot of catchy tracks. It's just too bad that Mike had to wait 23 years to put one out.

Mike Gibbins - A Place In Time (1997)

Track Listing

01. Sue Me (03:41)
02. Picture Of You (04:15)
03. Rocking The Boat (03:23)
04. Time In (04:20)
05. Overdue (05:20)
06. Bad Boy Blues (02:35)
07. Layaway (04:32)
08. Please Please (03:22)
09. A Place In Time (07:48)
10. Warcloud (03:00)
11. Day After Night (07:26)
12. Egg (04:08)

Produced by Mike Gibbins


• Mike Gibbins: vocals, vocal harmonies, keyboards, piano, drums & percussion
• Rick Warsing: guitar, bass, & backing vocals
• Alan Hewgley: harp on "Time In"


Recorded & mixed at Exile Studio, Oveido, Florida
Mastered by: Bob Katz/Digital Domain, Longwood, Florida

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Mike Gibbins / A Place In Time

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