Miles Davis - Miles in the Sky (1968) [MFSL Remastered 2016]

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Miles Davis - Miles in the Sky (1968) [MFSL Remastered 2016]

Miles Davis - Miles in the Sky (1968) [MFSL Remastered 2016]
EAC | FLAC | Tracks (Cue&Log) ~ 325 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 130 Mb | Scans included
Fusion, Post-Bop | Label: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab | # UDSACD 2147 | 00:51:13

Miles in the Sky reflects the intriguing curiosities and rainbow possibilities suggested by the album cover. Miles Davis’ fifth and final album with his classic second quintet is kaleidoscopic in sound, forward-looking in structure, and contextually grounded in approach. As the legendary leader’s first venture into what would become fusion, it’s historical for containing the premier appearances of electric piano, bass, and guitar on a Davis effort. Laden with rich textures and style-bridging elements, Mobile Fidelity’s SACD brings the aural magic into focus.

Mastered from the original master tapes, this collectable audiophile version of Miles in the Sky joins the ranks of eleven other essential Davis sets given supreme sonic and packaging treatment by Mobile Fidelity. Afforded the benefits of higher resolution, Davis’ burnished trumpet resounds with utmost clarity, and the soundstage seems to extend for days. Reference-caliber separation and imaging give each musician their own space, allowing every passage to come across without any sonic limitations.

The album’s wide-open soundscapes soar. As do the fluid contributions of Davis’ mates. Tony Williams’ percussion, central to every composition here, transpires before your eyes. Herbie Hancock’s piano hovers and fades with sublime purity. And George Benson, who sits on “Paraphernalia,” blows the equivalent of smoke rings with his bluesy guitar, which here takes on brilliant tonality and definition. The acoustic material that occupies the second half of the record is equally transparent and full-bodied.

Granted enhanced production and a greater field of audible information, Miles in the Sky can finally be perceived as belonging to the same upper echelon as Davis’ ubiquitously acclaimed Nefertiti and Filles de Kilimanjaro—the albums that precede and follow, respectively, this watershed title. Commonly branded a “transitional” work, Miles in the Sky showcases Davis already at ease with electric instruments and eager to venture into uncharted territories. Doubling as organized jams and bridges between jazz and rock, both the rhythmically challenging “Stuff” and frisky “Paraphernalia” glancing toward the future while keeping solid footing in the past.

Similarly, so do “Country Boy” and “Black Comedy.” In his original review for jazz authority DownBeat, Larry Kart observes: “Davis takes material from his earlier days and darkens its emotional tone. His opening phrase on ‘Country Boy’ recalls a fragment from his “Summertime” solo on the Porgy and Bess album, but here it is delivered with a vehemence that rejects the poignancy of the earlier performance. Even on ‘Black Comedy,’ his most straightahead solo here, the orderly pattern of the past is displaced and fragmented.”

Flavored with humor, bossa nova, country, and even ballroom phrases, the compositions on Miles in the Sky explodes with creativity, purpose, and color.

With the 1968 album Miles in the Sky, Miles Davis explicitly pushed his second great quintet away from conventional jazz, pushing them toward the jazz-rock hybrid that would later become known as fusion. Here, the music is still in its formative stages, and it's a little more earth-bound than you might expect, especially following on the heels of the shape-shifting, elusive Nefertiti. On Miles in the Sky, much of the rhythms are straightforward, picking up on the direct 4/4 beats of rock, and these are illuminated by Herbie Hancock's electric piano – one of the very first sounds on the record, as a matter of fact – and the guest appearance of guitarist George Benson on "Paraphernalia." All of these additions are tangible and identifiable, and they do result in intriguing music, but the form of the music itself is surprisingly direct, playing as extended grooves. This meanders considerable more than Nefertiti, even if it is significantly less elliptical in its form, because it's primarily four long jams. Intriguing, successful jams in many respects, but even with the notable additions of electric instruments, and with the deliberately noisy "Country Son," this is less visionary than its predecessor and feels like a transitional album – and, like many transitional albums, it's intriguing and frustrating in equal measures.

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine,

Miles Davis - Miles in the Sky (1968) [MFSL Remastered 2016]

Miles Davis - trumpet
Wayne Shorter - tenor saxophone
Herbie Hancock - piano, electric piano
Ron Carter - bass
Tony Williams - drums
George Benson - guitar (#2)

Recorded at Columbia Studio B, New York on January 16 - May 17, 1968.


01. Stuff (17:05)
02. Paraphernalia (12:44)
03. Black Comedy (7:31)
04. Country Son (13:53)

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Miles Davis - Miles in the Sky (1968) [MFSL Remastered 2016]

Miles Davis - Miles in the Sky (1968) [MFSL Remastered 2016]