Nara~yan - The Diamond Road (2017)

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Nara~yan - The Diamond Road (2017)

Nara~yan - The Diamond Road (2017)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | Tracks: 9 | 80:13 min | 188 Mb
Style: Electronic, Ambient, New Age | Label: Om Studio

Electronica and saxophones: My music style is largely influenced by Erik Satie, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, progressive rock, jazz, world music, ambient, techno, trance, electro-dance and meditative music.

To describe my style I would say that my music is very emotional and intuitive… I like beautiful and complexe melody variations and mysterious - intriguing - mystic atmospheres. In short, I'm searching for the perfect mix between sci-fi, freedom, high energy spirituality and nature… But there's also a subtle battle between light and darkness in the background…

Let me explain : I was born in Nice (France) and started music just after discovering Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream, playing the piano for hours and hours in a very intuitive, natural and free way, I was improvising 100%. Then, from the age of 16, I started playing drums in several rock bands untill I discovered the saxophone (just after listening to 'Ron's piece', an incredible music performed by astronaut-saxophonist Ron McNair and composed by Jean-Michel Jarre). I litteraly felt in love for the sound of soprano saxophone, then I played the tenor and the alto and discovered Stan Getz, John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter. Meanwhile, I was also starting playing on little synthesizers and recorded my very first compositions (I was still improvising 100%). A the age of 26, I became very interested in spirituality and meditation, this has a lot of influence on my art untill today. ~ Nara~yan.


01. The Diamond Road
02. Dreamwasher
03. Running in the Desert (This Is Not My Skin)
04. Virtual Poetry
05. Star Heroes
06. Future Times
07. Follow the Father (Please Follow Me)
08. Quasar Hunter (Bonus Track)
09. Space Warrior Princess Rebekha (Bonus Track)