Oleś Brothers & Christopher Dell - Górecki Ahead (2018)

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Oleś Brothers & Christopher Dell - Górecki Ahead (2018)

Oles Brothers & Christopher Dell - Gorecki Ahead (2018)
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Genre: Jazz, Classical | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: AudioCave

Górecki Ahead music album is an attempt to read the legacy of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki in a new way and show it in a different light than before. This record also proves how vital and inspiring is Górecki's music today, especially if its interpretations are undertaken by artists whose instrumental skills go hand in hand with creativity, imagination and the need to create an original artistic expression. Henryk Mikołaj Górecki is one of the greatest and most famous 20th-century composers. He owes his unusual popularity to the Symphony composed in 1976. Paradoxically, despite achieving success on a global scale, the composer's entire output remains virtually unknown to a wider audience.
The brothers Marcin Oleś (double bass player) and Bartłomiej Oleś (drummer), along with jazz vibraphonist Christopher Dell, are continuing the cooperation started in 2011. They reached for the composer's pieces by filtering them through the sum of their own rich experiences. For their part, they brought sensitivity of musicians who deal with jazz and improvisation on a daily basis. Górecki Ahead is not the next of many albums filled with classical music rearranged to jazz fashion. In the interpretation of the trio, sometimes significantly different from the original, a delicate balance between the fidelity of the composer's musical concept and the associated freedom of expression reveals itself in a balanced, intelligent and finesse manner.
01. Three Pieces in Old Style
02. Little Requiem for a Certain Polka
03. Old Polish Music
04. The Bells are Ringing for the Angelus Domini
05. Good Night
06. Ad Matrem
07. Musiquette I
08. Diagram (from Three Diagrams)
09. Genesis III: Monodramma
10. For You, Anne-Lill
11. Lullaby (from Lullabies and Dances)

Total time: 54:27

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