Raymond John - Joy Ride (2018)

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Raymond John - Joy Ride (2018)

Raymond John - Joy Ride (2018)
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Jazz | Label: Sunnyside Records

Dubbed as a Rising Star by Downbeat Magazine, trumpeter John Raymond has performed with musicians such as Billy Hart, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Orrin Evans, Linda Oh, Dan Tepfer and Gilad Hekselman among others. Raymond wants the music of Real Feels to connect to his listeners. So rather than compose complex, over the top pieces, he focused on simplifying and writing music that people could sing along with. The majority of the music on 'Joy Ride' was written during a self-imposed summer retreat in which Raymond made sure to write every day. He also decided to compose at the piano, an instrument on which he is less in command, creating a natural handicap to insure the pieces would be more natural.


01. Joy Ride
02. I'd Do It For Your Love
03. Follower
04. Minnesota, WI
05. Be Still, My Soul
06. Fortress
07. Solsbury Hill
08. En Route
09. The Times They Are A-Changin
10. Hymn


John Raymond - flugelhorn
Gilad Hekselman - guitar
Colin Stranahan - drums




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