Lou Ann Barton - Read My Lips - 1989

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Lou Ann Barton - Read My Lips - 1989

Lou Ann Barton - Read My Lips - 1989
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Original Release Date: 1989 - Number of Discs: 1 - Label: Antone's Records - Catalog Number: 74217

Biography: Although she doesn't tour nearly as much as she probably could, Austin-based vocalist Lou Ann Barton is one of the finest purveyors of raw, unadulterated roadhouse blues from the female gender that you'll ever hear. Like Delbert McClinton, she can belt out a lyric so that she can be heard over a two-guitar band with horns. Born February 17, 1954, in Fort Worth, she's a veteran of thousands of dance hall and club shows all over Texas. Barton moved to Austin in the 1970s and later performed with the Fabulous Thunderbirds and Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble. Although she has a few great recordings out, notably Old Enough (1982, Asylum Records), produced by Jerry Wexler and Glenn Frey, Barton has to be seen live to be fully appreciated. She belts out her lyrics in a twangy voice so full of Texas that you can smell the barbecue sauce. She swaggers confidently about the stage, casually tossing her cigarette to the floor as the band kicks in on its first number. The grace, poise and confidence she projects on stage is part of a long tradition for women blues singers. The blues world still needs more good female blues singers like Barton, to help to broaden the appeal of the music to diverse audiences and to further its evolution. Barton has several other excellent albums out on the Austin-based Antone's Records, Read My Lips (1989) and her cooperative effort with fellow Texas blues women Marcia Ball and Angela Strehli, Dreams Come True (1990). Old Enough was reissued on compact disc in 1992 on the Antone's label. The only criticism one could level at Barton – and it may be unfair because of business complications – is that she hasn't recorded much. Here's hoping that this premier interpreter of Texas roadhouse blues will be well recorded through the rest of the 1990s. ~ Richard Skelly, All Music Guide

Lou Ann Barton - Read My Lips - 1989

Product Description: Lou Ann Barton didn't have the best of luck in her early career. Incongruously signed to a major label for 1982's Old Enough, she delivered a fine debut that was utterly out of step with the times. Shunted to a tiny indie in her adopted hometown of Austin, she recorded 1986's oddly poppy Forbidden Tones, an album of John Hiatt and Beatles covers that recalled Marti Jones' albums from the same period; it was a fine record, but it was a complete stylistic aberration. Barton returned to her blues-rock roots for 1989's Read My Lips. Cutting out the synthesizers and pop gloss of Forbidden Tones for a more traditional sound and recording with longtime friends like the Fabulous Thunderbirds' Kim Wilson and Jimmie Vaughan, Barton delivers her strongest set of tunes. As always, the song selection is heavy on the covers, including a new, heart-wrenching version of Irma Thomas' "It's Raining" that beats the pants off the too-slick version she recorded on Old Enough. Barton also salutes her influences on solid covers of Barbara Lynn's "You'll Lose a Good Thing" and a rave-up rendition of Wanda Jackson's rockabilly anthem "Let's Have a Party," not to mention the tough-chick standby "You Can Have My Husband." Wisely free of attempts to update or modernize her timeless Texas-style blues-rock, Read My Lips is a rockin' good time.

Lou Ann Barton - Read My Lips - 1989

Review: The Bush-era machismo of the title aside, it's hard to imagine that anyone would need to venture beyond the sound of Lou Ann Barton's third album – or the expanse of leg she flashes on the album's cover – to understand that this woman means nasty business. At age thirty-five, after nearly two decades of live performance, this formidable Texas singer has pulled together a set of her favorite R&B burners, and the results are incendiary. Barton's power as a singer derives not from assertive posturing but from her intuitive understanding of the emotional demands of her material. Her ability to range from a bluesy moan to a fetching country twang in a single phrase makes her voice a living testimony to the roots of American popular music. She sounds equally convincing – and equally strong – whether she's scorching a rocker like "Rocket in My Pocket," telling the hard truth on a searing cover of Barbara Lynn's "You'll Lose a Good Thing" or squeezing the sadness out of "It's Raining," a ballad written by Allen Toussaint and defined by Irma Thomas. In addition to assembling a fine selection of songs, Barton has kept matters simple and straightforward in her coproduction with Paul Ray. There's nothing fancy or fussy here; the undeniable force of the playing, the singing and the songs tells the whole story. Guests like saxophonist David "Fathead" Newman, harp player Kim Wilson and guitarists Jimmie Vaughan and David Grissom help out bassist Jon Blondell and drummer George Rains, and their performances, far from being star turns, are entirely of a piece with the tunes. In Vaughan's case, Barton coaxes forth some of the most relaxed, articulate playing of his career, particularly on "Sugar Coated Love" and Slim Harpo's delightful "Te Ni Nee Ni Nu." Read My Lips combines the immediate pleasures of live performance with the ongoing rewards that recorded music must provide. "Let's go someplace where we can rock a bit," Barton sings invitingly, but with this disc spinning, you won't need to move a step.

Lou Ann Barton - Read My Lips - 1989
Track Listing:

01 - Sugar Coated Love - 3:56
02 - You'll Lose a Good Thing - 3:27
03 - Sexy Ways - 2:40
04 - Shake a Hand - 3:55
05 - Good Lover - 4:04
06 - Mean Mean Man - 2:31
07 - Shake Your Hips - 5:00
08 - Te Ni Nee Ni Nu - 3:08
09 - Can't Believe You Want To Leave - 2:50
10 - You Can Have My Husband - 3:21
11 - It's Raining - 2:52
12 - Rocket In My Pocket - 2:53
13 - I Wonder Why - 3:28
14 - Let's Have a Party - 2:26
15 - High Time We Went - 3:35

Recording Time: 50 minutes
Lou Ann Barton - Read My Lips - 1989

Reese Wynans - piano, organ
Tommy Shannon - bass
Joe Sublett - tenor saxophone
Derek O'Brien - electric & slide guitars
Lou Ann Barton - vocals
Mel Brown - piano
George Rains - drums
Fran Christina
Jon Blondell
Rocky Morales - saxophone
Paul Ray - background vocals
Mark Kazanoff
Diana Ray

Also: David "Fathead" Newman, Jimmie Vaughan, David Grissom, Kim Wilson, Denny Freeman


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