Robben Ford & The Blue Line - Mystic Mile (1993)

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Robben Ford & The Blue Line - Mystic Mile
MP3@256 | 51:22 | 93.3 MB | Grp Records
1993 | Blues

This CD is about the blues. Robben Ford combines skilled guitar work and songwriting abilities to create a sophisticated and unique sound. Most of the songs here are written by Ford and the collection as a whole comes together with a mood well represented by the title, Mystic Mile. If the blues is what you're after, this CD is the right one for you.

Track List

1. He Don't Play Nothin' But The Blues
2. Busted Up
3. Politician
4. Worried Life Blues
5. Misdirected Blues
6. Moth To A Flame
7. Trying To Do The Right Thing (For Anne)
8. Say What's On Your Mind
9. The Plunge
10. Mystic Mile