Santana-Caravanserai QUADRAPHONIC MIX on DVD-A 96/24 ONLY

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Santana-Caravanserai QUADRAPHONIC MIX on DVD-A 96/24 ONLY

Santana "Caravanserai" QUADRAPHONIC MIX DVD-A only (1972)
DVD-A Only ISO (Image + Front & Back Covers) | 96/24 4.0 LPCM | ISO 15 x 190,7 MB + 152 MB
Genre: Classic Rock/Latin Fusion | Label: Columbia CAQ 31610 | Source: SQ LP

Caravanserai marked a new beginning in Santana' musical direction. Carlos played his wailing solos quite a bit less and let the ensemble take over-and what an ensemble.
This is one of Prog-Latin Rock's first masterpieces. Briefly reunited by Gregg Rollie, the original singer, and joined by an astounding young bass player, Doug Rauch (RIP), this is a REAL journey into the beauty of the desert.
THis is the same 96/24 rip that was used in the DTS-CD, but a bit "spiffed up": some light izotoping (H Exc, a bit of puncher and some dithering),
with a great slideshow created by yours truly , in which you'll see the lyrics and some cool backgrounds.

1-"Eternal Caravan Of Reincarnation"
2-"Waves Within"
3-"Look Up (To See What's Coming Down)"
4-"Just In Time To See The Sun"
5-"Song Of The Wind"
6-"All The Love Of The Universe"
7-"Future Primitive "
8-"Stone Flower"
9-"La Fuente Del Ritmo "
10-"Every Step Of The Way "

Transfer by kap'n krunch (sez- a LOT of work goes into these conversions since all the clicks however big or small are removed MANUALLY)

Uploaded by Empanadilla

Tech talk:
TT: Technics SL-QL2 Linear Tracking
Stylus: Ortofon OMP20
Preamp: Akiyama MX-1
Card: MOTU 828 mk II
Rec soft : Logic Pro
Decode and Post: Adobe Audition 2.0

Personal observation:
Santana Quad LPs are the best because of the percussion everywhere and active surround mixes. This is a groundbreaking album!

Brought to you in Hi Resolution DVD-Audio (ONLY-no Dolby or DTS DVD);
and for those without DVD-A players, a DTS CD 44.1/16 version.

available via

rar archive password: mojave

Modern Surround 5.1 to Quad info:
These 1970's Quad mixes were made for only four "Full Range" speakers, which differ from most today's systems consisting of 5 small/medium satellites and a subwoofer. If your system is like this , do not worry , since the bass management will make the low frequency information go to the subwoofer, (provided that you have it set up correctly!!!).

The DVD-Audio Program included here is a High Resolution 96KHz/24bit 4.0 Quad Multichannel DVD-A only, and it will ONLY play on a DVD-A player, NOT on normal DVD-Video player!
Do not download this if you do not have a DVDA player because you will end up with a shiny plastic coaster!

Tech talk:

TT: Technics SL-QL2 Linear Tracking
Stylus: Ortofon OMP20
Preamp: Akiyama MX-1
Card; MOTU 828 mk II
Rec : Logic Pro
Decode and Post: : Declicked manually in Adobe Audition 2.0,
izotope ozone and Apogee UV-22HD

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