The FakeHunters - Jazz Is (2009)

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The FakeHunters - Jazz Is (2009)

The FakeHunters - Jazz Is (2009)
Hip-Hop / Jazz | 192 kbps | 40:58 min | 38 MB

The FakeHunters make unique music. The key to their original sound lies through :
· blending their individual musical muses and influences
· including rare mixed sounds from the 60’s-70’s
· using multiple instruments, most importantly turntables, bass and sax which form the main sound structure.

The group delivers a unique modern musical identity, being an eclectic mix of 90’s Hip Hop, Soul, Acid Jazz and Trip Hop

01-The FakeHunters - Jazz Is
02-The FakeHunters - Chips (feat. Ethemadassassin & Veteran Eye)
03-The FakeHunters - Staircase For Love (feat. P Able)
04-The FakeHunters - Steady Rock (feat. Tony Moon)
05-The FakeHunters - Reasons (feat. Co$$)
06-The FakeHunters - Say My Name Like (feat. Rey Resurreccion)
07-The FakeHunters - Love Is Real (feat. Lady Paradox)
08-The FakeHunters - Imma Have It (feat. PDR)
09-The FakeHunters - Zoning (feat. Van Ark & Oz Arc Raider)
10-The FakeHunters - Just Breathe (feat. Melodiq & Justbrea)
11-The FakeHunters - Good Loving (feat. Af Soul)
12-The FakeHunters - Schizo (feat. Asylum7)



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