The Malingerers - The Rivers Will Flow (2018)

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The Malingerers - The Rivers Will Flow (2018)

The Malingerers - The Rivers Will Flow (2018)
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Rock, Bluegrass, Americana | Label: Fat & Bulbous

The seven-track LP and will see a slightly more acoustic style but still blending vintage dust bowl era Americana seamlessly with British Folk and as usual taking in more than a sprinkling of early Jazz and Blues influences. Whilst the band have clearly been heavily influenced by the music from the other side of the pond, the songs and lyrics all draw on their own personal experiences, history and of course a liberal helping of British cynicism.

In order to give the album a more vintage feel, the band once again opted to record at the all analogue Gizzard Studios in London. The songs were recorded live in single takes (including vocals) straight to 2” tape, like they used to in the good old days, giving the album a lovely, punchy, raw, authentic sound which is so often missing in this digital age.

Hailing from the long gone lonesome plains of East Anglia, The Malingerers’ music evokes a sound sometimes more at home in the south western states of America than the UK folk scene. However, whilst clearly influenced from a melting pot of traditional country, blues, folk and jazz (Hank Williams, Merle Travis, Leadbelly, Woody Guthrie, Bob Wills etc.) their music somehow manages to combine these influences with typically British and Irish flavours, cynicism and warped sense of humour and history.


01. Lying on the Ground
02. George Clooney
03. May Morning Dew
04. A Place for You and Me
05. Country to City Boy
06. Depression is Killing Me
07. At the End




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