Wayne Shorter - Beyond The Sound Barrier 2005

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Wayne Shorter - Beyond The Sound Barrier   2005

Wayne Shorter - Beyond The Sound Barrier 2005
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Genre: Jazz

Since his early days with Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter has continually pushed the envelope. On this live quartet outing, Shorter continues on his quest for musical innovation: All eight tracks on BEYOND THE SOUND BARRIER are exciting, spontaneous, and lively. Further, the taut ensemble plays well off of each other as they ebb and flow, build, climax, and dissipate. This album contains no jazz standards or common song forms. It also avoids round-robin improvisations. In fact, there are really no individual solos heard here.

On each tune, the group plays off of each other in a kind of "group solo." Also, most of this music is rubato or without tempo. Highlights include Shorter's abstract reworking of Felix Mendelssohn's "On Wings of Song," which juxtaposes a beautiful melody over a dissonant, chatty rhythm section. "Over Shadow Hill Way" slowly moves from a soft ballad to an explosion. This song is marked by bashing drums, ominous piano musings, and cascading soprano sax riffs. Additionally, the title track, "Beyond the Sound Barrier" features angular piano rhythms, wild cymbal play, and throbbing bass patterns. Overall, the daring playing on BEYOND THE SOUND BARRIER proves that jazz is still alive and kicking.

Wayne Shorter - soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Danilo Perez - piano
John Patitucci - bass instrument
Brian Blade - drums

1. Smilin' Through - (with Wayne Shorter)
2. As Far as the Eye Can See - (with Wayne Shorter)
3. On Wings of Song - (with Wayne Shorter)
4. Tinker Bell - (with Wayne Shorter)
5. Joy Ryder - (with Wayne Shorter)
6. Over Shadow Hill Way - (with Wayne Shorter)
7. Adventures Aboard the Golden Mean - (with Wayne Shorter)
8. Beyond the Sound Barrier - (with Wayne Shorter)