Beartooth - Disgusting (Japanese Edition) (2015)

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Beartooth - Disgusting (Japanese Edition) (2015)

Beartooth - Disgusting (Japanese Edition) (2015)
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Hardcore, Metalcore | Country: USA | Label: Red Bull Records

Disgusting is the debut album by American hardcore punk band Beartooth. It was released on June 10, 2014 through Red Bull Records and UNFD Records. The single "Beaten In Lips" was released on May 13, 2014 along with the pre-order for the album. This album was released a year after the band's debut EP Sick was released. Before the announcement, the band toured with metalcore band Of Mice & Men in the UK, and also played a headline show in London on April 17, 2014. The album was announced by the band a month prior to its release on May 13 and stated that the album would be released on June 10 through Red Bull Records. The recording process, according to Shomo, was very smooth since he has a studio in his house, and would write songs whenever he was bored or couldn't sleep in the middle of the night.

The album was met with a positive response from critics. Scott Heisel from Altpress stated that the band's sound is nothing like Shomo's previous band Attack Attack!; instead of a metalcore influence, the band appear to have a more hardcore punk influence, which shows on this album, stating it was a mixture of sounds from bands A Day to Remember and Every Time I Die. The album is praised for having double-time passages, straightforward verses and plenty of breakdowns.

Justin Mabee of HM magazine expressed that the intensity of this album surpasses that from their EP, stating that "…even “I Have a Problem,” with the double kick furious in your ears, is tighter than before.", labeling the album having a mixture of thrash and hardcore music and praising Shomo's ability to create catchy chorus', great guitar riffs and how deep and meaningful the lyrics are. Rocksound reviewer David McLaughlin applauded Shomo's instinctive and not stylised screams and complimented the lyrics, stating that they "…are like bloodstained diary entries." and went on to say that it was Shomo's best work he has ever created so far.

The Review from Ultimate Guitar has so far given the album its lowest rating of 5/10, expressing that despite it avoiding the overly-chuggy riffs and throwing away the cheesy synths that Attack Attack! used, it still isn't all that different as it sticks to a metalcore formula, although further expressing that it certainly is better in comparison.

Caleb Shomo – lead vocals, backing vocals, (Studio guitars, bass guitar, drums)
Taylor Lumley - lead guitar, backing vocals
Kamron Bradbury - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Oshie Bichar - bass, backing vocals
Brandon Mullins - drums, percussion

Track List:
01. Beartooth - The Lines (03:48)
02. Beartooth - Beaten in Lips (03:33)
03. Beartooth - Body Bag (03:50)
04. Beartooth - In Between (03:34)
05. Beartooth - Relapsing (03:56)
06. Beartooth - Ignorance Is Bliss (03:16)
07. Beartooth - I Have a Problem (04:00)
08. Beartooth - One More (03:37)
09. Beartooth - Me in My Own Head (03:26)
10. Beartooth - Keep Your American Dream (03:31)
11. Beartooth - Dead (02:16)
12. Beartooth - Sick and Disgusting (03:46)
13. Beartooth - Finish Line (03:02)
14. Beartooth - Give It Up (04:31)
15. Beartooth - Blitzkrieg Bop (Live) (02:22)