Ludwig van Beethoven - Best Beethoven 100 (2007)

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Ludwig van Beethoven - Best Beethoven 100 (2007)

Ludwig van Beethoven - Best Beethoven 100 (2007)
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Label: Warner Classics

The trouble with anthology recordings of this kind is that at root, just as with any other kind of music, a great classical performance depends less on a set of abstract qualities of excellence than on a creative response to a given set of circumstances. That said, this six-disc outing does better than most with the particularly difficult problem of offering a reasonable sample of Beethoven's music. Britain's EMI label has a deep catalog of recordings under its control, and the set can reach back to the late '50s for genuine classics like Walter Gieseking's effortlessly fluent Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13 ("Pathétique"), or as far forward as the 1990s. That work and several others are presented complete; the lack of complete works is a bane of Beethoven samplers, and a point in favor of this one even if the full works are, except for the "Pathétique," on the light side. The six CDs are each devoted to a single instrumental genre, with the first disc offering from one to three movements of each of the nine symphonies plus various shorter orchestral works. Even with six CDs there's no way to fit everything in, and the compilers tend to show a preference for the relatively slower slow movements and scherzos. Big sonata-form movements like that of the Piano Sonata No. 23 in F minor, Op. 57, are excerpted. This may seem unfortunate, but the emphasis is on the broad sweep of Beethoven's career. From that standpoint, the biggest complaint in the selection is the sparsity of works from Beethoven's transcendent late period; although six minutes of the "Ode to Joy" (with bass recitative) from the finale of the Symphony No. 9 are presented, the listener will not really get an idea of what happened to the music of the by then totally deaf Beethoven at the end of his life. Shorter works like the Duo for clarinet and bassoon in C major, WoO 25, could have been dropped in favor of part or all of one of the late quartets (and likewise with the Rondo a capriccio in G major, Op. 129, known as "Rage Over a Lost Penny" in exchange for a late piano sonata movement). The remastering of this diverse set of sonic sources is not seamless but will meet the needs of a listener hoping to devote a series of commutes to getting to know Beethoven's music. Better, probably, to pick a Beethoven recital by a well-regarded pianist and buy a ticket, but this set will give the newcomer a taste of a lot of Beethoven.


Disc: 1
1. IV: Adagio - Allegro Molto E Vivace - Philadelphia Orchestra
2. III: Scherzo: Allegro - Trio - Philadelphia Orchestra
3. I: Allegro Con Brio Opening - Philharmonia Orchestra
4. III: Scherzo: Allegro Vivace Conclusion - Philharmonia Orchestra
5. III:Menuetto: Allegro Vivace - Trio: Un Poco Meno Allegro - Royal Concartgebouw Orchestra
6. I: Allegro Con Brio - Philharmonia Orchestra
7. V: Allegretto: Shepherds' Hymn Of Thanksgiving After the Storm Conclusion - Philadelphia Orchestra
8. Egmont Overture Op.84 - London Symphony Orchestra
9. I: Vivace Extract - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
10. II: Allegretto Opening - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
11. IV: Allegro Con Brio - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
12. II: Allegretto Scherzando - Philharmonia Orchestra
13. IV: Allegro Vivace Conclusion - Philharmonia Orchestra
14. Turkish March - Orchestra Of St. Luke's
15. IV: Ode To Joy - Westminster Choir

Disc: 2
1. I: Allegro Ma Non Troppo Opening - Josef Suk
2. II: Larghetto Opening - Josef Suk
3. III: Rondo Conclusion - Josef Suk
4. I: Allegro Con Brio Orchestral Introduction - Alexis Weissenberg
5. II: Largo - Alexis Weissenberg
6. II: Rondo: Molto Allegro - Alexis Weissenberg
7. Romance No.1 In G Op.40 - Yehudi Menuhin
8. I: Allegro Con Brio Opening - Claudia Arrau
9. Romance No.2 In F Op.50 - Yehudi Menuhin
10. II: Largo - Sviatoslav Richter
11. II: Andante Con Moto - Emil Gilels
12. III: Rondo: Vivace Extract - Emil Gilels
13. I: Allegro Extract - Emil Gilels
14. II: Adagio Un Poco Masso Conclusion - Emil Gilels
15. III: Rondo: Allegro Extract - Emil Gilels
16. Choral Fantasia In C Minor Op.80 - John Lil

Disc: 3
1. I: Grave - Allegro Molto E Con Brio - Walter Gieseking
2. II: Adagio Cantabile - Walter Gieseking
3. III: Rondo: Allegro - Walter Gieseking
4. I: Adagio Sostenuto Extract - Dame Maura Lympany
5. Fur Elise - Dame Maura Lympany
6. IV: Rondo: Allegro Ma Non Troppo - Stephen Kovacevich
7. III: Allegretto - Sviatoslav Richter
8. Minuet In G - Dame Maura Lympany
9. I: Allegro Con Brio Opening - Stephen Kovacevich
10. Theme: Allegro Risoluto & 6 Variations - Emil Gilels
11. I: Allegro Assai Opening - Claudio Arrou
12. I: Das Lebewahl: Adagio - Allegro - Stephen Kovacevich
13. Theme: Vivace - Peter Donahoe
14. Variation I: Alla Marcia Maestoso - Peter Donahoe
15. II: Scherzo: Assai Vivace - Presto - Christopher Eschenbach
16. Quasi Allegretto - Stephen Kovacevich
17. Rondo A Capriccio In G Op.129 'Rage Over a Lost Penny' - Dame Maura Lympany

Disc: 4
1. I: Allegro Extract - Yehudi Menuhin
2. II: Adagio Molto Espressivo - Yehudi Menuhin
3. III: Scherzo: Allegro Molto - Yehudi Menuhin
4. IV: Rondo: Allegro Ma Non Troppo - Yehudi Menuhin
5. I: Adagio Sostenuto Ed Espressivo - Paul Tortelier
6. I: Allegro Vivace Opening - Christian Ferras
7. II: Adagio Con Molt'Espressione - Christian Ferras
8. III: Allegro Molto Conclusion - Christian Ferras
9. II: Polonaise - Michel Debost
10. III: Allegro Vivace - Christian Ferras
11. II: Andante - Yehudi Menuhin
12. III: Finale: Presto Conclusion - Yehudi Menuhin
13. 12 Variations On 'Ein Madchen Oder Weibchen' (Die Zauberflote) - Paul Tortelier
14. I: Allegro, Ma Non Tanto Opening - Stephen Kovacevich
15. I Bin A Tiroler Bua, Austrian Folksong Op.107 No.1 - Michel Debost
16. III: Allegro Fugato - Stephen Kovacevich

Disc: 5
1. III: Rondo: Allegro Non Troppo - Melos Ensemble Of London
2. II: Adagio Affetuoso Ed Appassionato Opening - Alban Berg Quartett
3. III: Menuetto - Trio - Alban Berg Quartett
4. II: Adagio - Nash Ensemble
5. I: Allegro - Gervase De Peyer
6. III: Tempo Di Menuetto - Trio - Melos Ensemble Of London
7. I: Entrata: Allegro - Michel Debost
8. II: Tempo Ordinario D'Un Menuetto - Michel Debost
9. III: Allegro Molto - Michel Debost
10. I: Allegro - Alban Berg Quartett
11. March For 2 Clarinets, 2 Bassoons & 2 Horns In B-Flat WoO29 - Melos Ensemble Of London
12. II: Largo Assai Ed Espressivo Opening - Chung Trio
13. I: Poco Adagio - Allegro - Hungarian Quartet
14. III: Rondo: Allegro - Melos Ensemble Of London
15. I: Allegro Moderato Opening - Chung Trio
16. IV: Finale: Presto - Melos Ensemble Of London

Disc: 6
1. Ich Liebe Dich, Herrosee - Olaf Bar
2. Wonne Der Wehmut - Dalton Baldwin
3. Der Kuss Op.128 - Walter Berry
4. Der Floh Op.75 No.3 - Walter Berry
5. Oh! Would I Were But That Sweet Linnet - Smyth
6. He Promised Me At Parting - Gerald Moore
7. Adelaide - Matthison
8. Marmotte - Hartmut Holl
9. Die Ehre Gottes Aus Der Natur - New Philharmonic Chorus & Orchestra
10. Mass In C Op.86 - Marius Rintzler
11. Gloria In Excelsis Deo - Gratias Agimus Tibi - Carol Vaness
12. Et Resurrexit Tertia Die- Credo In Spiritum Sanctum - Carol Vaness
13. Overture - Werner Hollweg
14. O War Ich Schon - Werner Hollweg
15. Mir Ist So Wunderbar - Werner Hollweg
16. Ha! Welch Ein Augenblick! - Werner Hollweg
17. Abscheulicher!…Komm, Hoffmung - Werner Hollweg
18. O Welche Lust! - Werner Hollweg
19. O Namenlose Freude - Werner Hollweg
20. Wer Ein Holdes Weiss Errungen - Werner Hollweg