Black Swan Lane - Under My Fallen Sky (2017)

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Black Swan Lane - Under My Fallen Sky (2017)

Black Swan Lane - Under My Fallen Sky (2017)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | 01:13:57 | 169.36 Mb | Cover
Alternative Rock, Indie Rock | Country: USA | Label: Eden Records

Ambition often outraces talent; sometimes it doesn’t. Atlanta’s BSL’s Jack Sobel and John Kolbeck heralded attraction to wondrously crafted, classic pre-shoegaze British post-punk by including Chameleons/Sun & the Moon leader Mark Burgess on their first three LPs, but like baby birds flying, they’ve hit those heights on their own with 2013/2014’s crossroads The Last Time in Your Light and A Moment of Happiness—and now this methodical, pretty moody, stars-twinkling Technicolor gem. What might be bloated/hubristic in a post-War U2 fashion is grounded in a small “s” spirituality, a la Whipping Boy(!), Church, Chameleons (sounds like Reg Smithies’ staccato lines on “A Walk in the Cold”), House of Love, and Into Paradise. The mix of acoustic and effects-treated guitars is so resplendent, it feels like soft rains are falling, while Sobel’s deep voice refuses grandstanding bellows for soothing serenades on inward contemplation lines like “I forgot how to live by myself.” Big and bold, but bypassing booming bombast for textural grandeur, UMFS is room-filling largesse. ~ Jack Rabid, editor / The Big Take-Over Magazine

Track List:
01 Stop to Smile (5:16)
02 On Your Command (3:36)
03 The Pain You Suffer Is Gone (6:22)
04 How Can I Know (5:08)
05 Valentine (3:25)
06 Trust (6:10)
07 Revenge (6:35)
08 Interlude III (1:53)
09 Pause (5:39)
10 Turn (6:23)
11 Sleepwalking in Someone Else's Dreams (5:03)
12 Golden Black (6:21)
13 A Walk in the Cold (4:36)
14 Behind Your Window (7:22)

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