Blake Neely - Supergirl: Season 1-2 (Original Television Soundtrack) (2016-2017)

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Blake Neely - Supergirl: Season 1-2 (Original Television Soundtrack) (2016-2017)

Blake Neely - Supergirl: Season 1-2 (Original Television Soundtrack) (2016-2017)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | 02:36:46 | 368 Mb | Covers
Score | Label: WaterTower Music

With the premier of season two having got underway earlier in the week. I though it a good time to get this review done of Blake Neely’s soundtrack for ‘Supergirl’s’ first season. As fans know. Blake Neely has done the music for pretty much most of the CW superhero shows. And he has managed to somehow do so in such a way that each individual series has its own musical identity. With ‘Supergirl’ he has managed to once more do this. When he first got the gig for ‘Supergirl’ Neely was working on both season 3 of ‘Arrow’ and the first season of ‘The Flash’. So having a huge workload at the time is somewhat of an understatement.

The brief he was given. Was to try and do the ‘Supergirl’ soundtrack in a similar style to how John Williams would have. Neely’s initial thoughts about this was, “I’m Dead!”.

He needn’t have thought that because when I first saw the series in 2015 when it premiered. I liked the fact that the soundtrack was similar to how a John Williams soundtrack played out. I think because it is what I have always identified with when it comes to ‘Superman’ or ‘Supergirl’.

The music included on the DC or on the Digital version is taken from a mixture of the first seasons episodes.

As with most great soundtracks we have different pieces of music to represent specific characters and I think Neely was probably channelling his inner Lex Luther with track number 20 ‘Catty Questions’ because that particular piece of music put me in mind of some of the Lex Luther stuff from Superman The Movie.

Another stand out is track number 16 ‘Harnessing Anger’, which leads smoothly into ‘Inspirational Boss’.

When listening to this. If you close your eyes. You can actually see the various scenes that the music is from being played out in your head.

Neely has done some great work on both Flash and Arrow. But for me ‘Supergirl’ is his best work to date.

You can get your own copy of this soundtrack from most stores and online outlets. ~ Ian Cullen

Blake Neely - Supergirl: Season 1-2 (Original Television Soundtrack) (2016-2017)

Blake Neely - Supergirl: Season 1 (Original Television Soundtrack) (2016)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | 01:18:45 | 182.08 Mb | Cover
Score | Label: WaterTower Music

Track List:
01. You Will Do Extraordinary Things
02. Meeting Jimmy
03. A Hero Emerges
04. Telling Winn
05. Fighting Vartox
06. Gift From Clark / Stronger Together
07. Fight Or Flight
08. Interview Granted
09. Assistant Problems
10. Chatting With Clark
11. I Came Here To Save The World
12. Confronting Maxwell Lord
13. Strange Visitors From Other Planets
14. Joy Ride
15. How Does She Do It?
16. Harnessing Anger
17. Inspirational Boss
18. My Name Is Jonn Jonzz
19. Under Attack
20. Catty Questions
21. Heroes Find A Way
22. Dying Is Easier
23. Alex Brings Kara Back
24. Fortress Of Solitude
25. Afraid Of Losing You
26. Martian Manhunter Revealed / Your Father Is Alive
27. World’s Finest
28. Hope Speech / Lifting Fort Roz
29. Theme From Supergirl

Blake Neely - Supergirl: Season 1-2 (Original Television Soundtrack) (2016-2017)

Blake Neely - Supergirl: Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack) (2017)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | 01:18:01 | 186.51 Mb | Cover
Score | Label: WaterTower Music

Track List:
01. Superman (2:17)
02. Famous Cousins Working Together (2:02)
03. First Day as a Reporter (2:15)
04. Goodbye to Cat (2:06)
05. Fighting Fire with Fire (2:46)
06. Cage Fighting Aliens (2:23)
07. Mon-El (1:20)
08. Always a Sidekick (2:17)
09. Roulette / Thing from Another Planet (2:46)
10. Guardian (2:37)
11. Alex Tells Maggie (1:33)
12. Virus Threat (3:07)
13. Sense About Her (2:46)
14. Star-Crossed Martians (3:15)
15. Mind Meld (3:15)
16. The Luthors (3:09)
17. Mxyzptlk (2:46)
18. Duel with Mxyzpttlk (3:05)
19. Cadmus (1:39)
20. All I Thought About (2:54)
21. Saving Her Sister and the Ark (2:49)
22. Mon-El (3:58)
23. Why Are You Doing This? (2:59)
24. Almost Losing Alex (2:02)
25. Jimmy Bonds with Marcus (2:31)
26. Daxamites Invade (1:52)
27. Forcing a Marriage (1:54)
28. Fighting Superman (2:47)
29. Releasing the Lead / Mon-El Says Goodbye (3:36)
30. I Am So Proud of You (1:50)
31. Thirty Five Years Ago (1:24)

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