Burn the Batteau - Fire and Gasoline (2018)

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Burn the Batteau - Fire and Gasoline (2018)

Burn the Batteau - Fire and Gasoline (2018)
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Blues-Rock, East Coast Blues | Country: USA (Halifax, VA) | Label: Gorilla Puppy Records

With gritty sophistication, this blues power trio covers all the bases: acoustic delta blues lamentations with weeping harmonica, night-club-esque grooves featuring horn sections and Hammond organ, and a defining electric guitar sound.

Initially formed for an Oktoberfest show in 2015, this collaboration brought together musicians from Southside Virginia bands Love, Peace and Chicken Grease, The Palace Dukes and Donnie Beadles and the Hot Damn Band. Following that successful show, most of the players went back to what they were doing, but one important connection had been made. Donnie Beadles and David Ellis Martin (of Love, Peace and Chicken Grease) began to collaborate on original material. Sammy Garcia, who was relatively new on the local music scene at the time, dropped by David's studio to jam and play drums on several of the original tracks. The three worked well together and re-formed Burn the Batteau as a trio, with Donnie on guitar and vocals, David on bass, organ and harmonica, and Sammy Garcia on drums. It was during the rehearsals and recording sessions for their debut album, Fire and Gasoline, that the band found its unique, yet solid sound.

The band faithfully embodies the defining characteristics of East Coast Blues, with a strength and power that is exclusive to many modern electric trios. The original compositions which appear on the album showcase the band members' versatility and multi-musicianship. Their influences include Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King and Buddy Guy.

Donnie Beadles - Electric Guitar
Sammy Garcia - Drums
David Ellis Martin - Bass

Track List:
01. Jealous 04:14
02. Moanin' After Midnight 04:38
03. Nothing Like You 05:00
04. Talk to Me Baby 03:52
05. Fire and Gasoline 05:30
06. Jealous (Delta Blues) 03:52
07. Chance to Mend 03:23
08. So Tired 07:10
09. Shake These Blues 02:49
10. Blue Drops of Rain 06:36

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