Electron Mass - Luminous & Earthlight (EP) (2018)

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Electron Mass - Luminous & Earthlight (EP) (2018)

Electron Mass - Luminous & Earthlight (EP) (2018)
WEB FLAC (tracks) ~ 192.82 Mb | 30:35 | Covers
Progressive Rock | Country: UK | Label: Electron Mass

Electron Mass are an experimental rock group from the southern Scottish town of Galashiels. They are notable for recording unusual songs about science, nature and the cosmos. The group were formed in 2015 and have focused since then on recording a stockpile of material that will be released over the coming years. They decided to release an initial trilogy of EPs about the Sun, the Moon and the Earth called Luminous, Luna my Luna and Earth-light, before unleashing some of their more intense and experimental recordings about theoretical physics and the dark universe.

Electron Mass were formed by guitarist Sorensen Small and a group of his hometown friends who shared similar backgrounds in experimental rock music. He had previously been a member of the group Dawn of the Replicants who were signed to East West Records and ended up releasing 5 acclaimed studio albums in the UK.

Sorensen, his writing partner Brendan McAndrew, drummer Grant Pringle and guitarist Cameron Jack are all jointly responsible for singing the vocals on Electron Mass recordings.

Track List:
01. Arisen Arise [00:04:12]
02. Luminous [00:04:31]
03. Sun Song [00:04:07]
04. Bigger Than The Sun [00:02:33]

05. Earthlight [00:04:00]
06. Dangerous Beauty [00:03:19]
07. Density 5520 [00:02:47]
08. Orb of Ocean Blue [00:05:05]

Sorensen Small
Cameron Jack
Brendan McAndrew
Grant Pringle




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