VA - Electro Swing Fever Vol. 2 4CD (2013)

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VA - Electro Swing Fever Vol. 2 4CD (2013)

VA - Electro Swing Fever Vol. 2 4CD (2013)
MP3 320 kbps CBR | 229:53 min | 597 MB
Genre: Nu Jazz, Electro Swing | Label: Wagram

The current Euro revival of swing music started in the UK by Mr.Scruff is a whole new world of music to discover,particulalry if you like jazz. This set offers good value as a sampler over 4 CDs which is a great place to start. From this set you can establish what electro swing resembles euro/disco/pop and what music faithfully recreates a swing feel with a very modern twist.Obviously this is a jazz based music but there are clever mixes of ragtime, dixieleand,trad jazz, electro, trip hop, dubstep, ska, funk and rock woven into the swing beats found here. Too many tracks to individually review but this set reflects the musicaldiversity which has become known as electro swing very well and there should be something for everyone within these discs. Great music to dance to and I would recommend slipping a few tracks in the mix to get people dancing at a party. People really do love this stuff and it really has a universal appeal due to the long history of swing music.Be aware that there are a number of Electro Swing compilations on the market, all of which have a number of duplicated tracks which is a great shame-thus the four stars.
I have even taken the step of learning to dance to this stuff properly instead of making an ass of myself under the influence.No mean feet at my age!Recommendation enough.


CD1 Electro Swing News
01.Anita O’Day – Peanut Vendor (club Des Belugas remix) [03:42]
02.Club des Belugas feat Ester Rada – Save a Little Love for Me [03:33]
03.Minimatic – Junco Partner [03:56]
04.Parov Stelar – All Night Long (Exdended mix) [04:23]
05.Lazlo – It Don’t Mean a Thing (Lazlo and N’to remix) [03:43]
06.Bart and Baker feat Marcella Puppini – Stop Googling Me[03:48]
07.The Real Tuesday Weld – Last Tango in Clerkenwell (Real Tuesday Weld vs The Puppini Sisters) [04:04]
08.Bebo Best and The Super Lounge Orchestra – Sing Sing Sing (Koko Chanel mix) [03:40]
09.Gabin – Doo Uap Doo Uap Doo Uap (Bart and Baker remix) [04:42]
10.Dutty Moonshine and Scubaroots – Elephant in the Room [03:42]
11.Brenda Boykin – El Ritmo [04:22]
12.Tape Five – Geraldines Routine [03:09]
13.Bajka – The Hunting (club Des Belugas remix) [04:02]
14.Harlan Leonard and His Rockets feat Myra Taylor – Dig [04:06]
It (Minimatic remix)
15.Valique feat Carolyn Vox – Here Comes My Sun [03:58]

CD2 Electro Swing Hits
01.Mr Scruff – Get a Move On [03:24]
02.Chinese Man – I’ve Got That Tune [04:27]
03.Parov Stelar feat Gabriella Haenninen – Charleston Butterfly [03:47]
04.Mop Mop – Destination (Valique Dark Jazz remix) [08:56]
05.The Andrews Sisters – Rum and Coca Cola (Jojo Effect remix) [03:08]
06.Tape Five – Dixie Biscuit (42 Smiles remix) [03:46]
07.Nekta – Here’s Us [02:48]
08.Iain Mackenzie – All Aboard [04:15]
09.Bart and Baker – Istanbul (Not Constantinople) [03:25]
10.Tape Five feat Yuliet Topaz – Madame Coquette (Aerophon mix) [03:32]
11.Artie Shaw – Prosschai (Minimatic remix) [04:06]
12.Boogalox – Chez Les Ye Ye [04:29]
13.Treva Whateva – Havana Ball [03:52]
14.The Jivers – Move on Girl (In the Swing remix) [01:59]
15.Kid Koala – Basin Street Blues [04:48]

CD3 Best Of Electro Swing
01.Jojo Effect – The Beat Goes On [05:14]
02.Fred Astaire – Puttin’ on the Ritz (club Des Belugas remix) [04:06]
03.Brenda Boykin – Hard Swing Travellin’ Man [04:55]
04.Bajka – The Landing [03:58]
05.Club des Belugas – Hip Hip Chin Chin (Maxim Illion mix)[05:37]
06.Tape Five – Tequila (Gardener of Delight remix) [04:51]
07.Bebo Best and The Super Lounge Orchestra – Anytime Swingers [04:39]
08.The Jivers feat Anqui) – Do What [03:41]
09.Lazlo – Busy Line [04:14]
10.Rube – Another Gone Record [03:15]
11.Dublex Inc feat Ashley Slater – The Game [04:43]
12.Nola Grey – Starlight (remix club) [04:55]
13.Parov Stelar – The Paris Swing Box [05:22]
14.Dusty – Loco Para La Pista (Solo Moderna remix) [06:41]
15.Deluxe – Pony [03:29]

CD4 Best Of Gabin
01.Gabin – La Maison [05:35]
02.Gabin feat Josef Fargier – Une Histoire D’Amour [03:58]
03.Gabin – Doo Uap Doo Uap Doo Uap [07:21]
04.Gabin feat Ana Carril Obiols – Azul Anil [06:27]
05.Gabin feat Edwin Collins – Mr Freedom [03:57]
06.Gabin feat Dee Dee Bridgewater – Into My Soul [04:35]
07.Gabin – Bang Bang to the Rock’n'Roll [04:15]
08.Gabin feat China Moses – The Other Way Round [04:09]
09.Gabin feat Mia Cooper – Keep It Cool [07:29]
10.Gabin feat Mia Cooper – The Alchemist [04:13]
11.Gabin feat Chris Cornell – Lies [03:58]
12.Gabin feat Mia Cooper – The Game [03:16]
13.Gabin feat Mia Cooper – Lost and Found [04:17]
14.Gabin feat Mia Cooper – Ready Set Go [06:48]
15.Gabin – Sweet Sadness [05:19]