Finisterre - Finisterre XXV (2019)

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Finisterre - Finisterre XXV (2019)

Finisterre - Finisterre XXV (2019)
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Progressive Rock | Country: Italy | Label: AMS

Finisterre, one of Fabio Zuffanti's many projects, were founded in the now distant 1994, debuting the following year with a self-titled album that immediately pushed the band at the peak of the reborn Italian prog scene of the '90s. It was the beginning of a beautiful story that lasted about ten years, marked by four wonderful releases that still don't suffer today from the inevitable passing of time.

And from that beginning, 25 long years have already passed: reformed for Zuffanti's Z-Fest event in spring 2017, with some other sporadic live appearances, today Finisterre seem increasingly willing to resume that musical path that was interrupted at the start of the new millennium.

They do so, at the moment, with this commemorative release - entitled, in fact, "Finisterre XXV" - that delivers Finisterre's entire first album completely re-recorded in the studio, by a line-up that includes the founders Fabio Zuffanti (bass and vocals), Stefano Marelli (guitar and vocals) and Boris Valle (piano and keyboards), joined by Agostino Macor (keyboards and synthesizers) and Andrea Orlando (drums and percussion), plus a long series of guests who have contributed to reshape the atmospheres of the band's self-titled debut.

The album is available as CD papersleeve and as double 180gr. black vinyl with gatefold cover, both with a brand new artwork. The vinyl edition also contains an exclusive 10-minute 'long version' of the "…dal caos", lasting twice as long as in the CD version!

Track List:
01 - Aqua (00:02:02)
02 - Asia (00:05:30)
03 - Macinaacqua, Macinaluna (00:08:14)
04 - Dal Caos (Edit) (00:05:08)
05 - Σyn (00:16:28)
06 - Isis (00:08:30)
07 - Cantoantico (00:11:20)
08 - Phaedra (00:08:24)
09 - Aqua (00:01:32)




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