Henry Mancini - The Party 1968 (1998)

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Henry Mancini  -  The Party  1968  (1998)

Henry Mancini - The Party 1968
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"Just one in a long line of Mancini's excellent '60s soundtracks. This time out he's back scoring another of Blake Edwards' comedies, The Party. Featuring a Hollywood producer's cocktail party and one hapless Indian actor (Peter Sellers) who is mistakenly invited, the movie called for plenty of lounge slickness and some romping interludes. Enter Henry Mancini and his usual bag of almost-transcendent vibe and strings jazz and mod swingers. And tagging along are such Mancini veterans and class players as tenor saxophonist Plas Johnson, pianist Jimmy Rowles, and drummer Shelly Manne. Pity, then, that instead of the lovely Claudine Longet vocal turn on "Nothing to Lose," listeners only get the fine yet disappointing instrumental version. A minor quibble, really, in light of all the high-end booty to be had".
— Stephen Cook (
01. The Party (vocal)
02. Brunette in Yello
03. Nothing to Lose (instrumental)
04. Chicken Little Was Right
05. Candlelight on Crystal
06. Birdie Num-num
07. Nothing to Lose (vocal)
08. The Happy Pipers
09. Party Poop
10. Elegant
11. Wiggy
12. The Party (instrumental)